The Voices (2015)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Interesting perception…weird.

Once in a good long while, you run into a movie that takes you aback for a moment. Not in a good way, but not necessarily in a bad way either. More like in a way that forces you to collect your sanity from the ground…where it was probably left during the viewing of said film. It’s usually so different from what you’re used to that if you’re a critic like me, you might need to freshen up your critiquing skills – because this particular movie was a bit of a challenge. So, if you’ve seen The Voices starring Ryan Reynolds – you probably understand where I’m coming from. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t feel super comfortable telling you that you need to either. It’s a movie that will either cross your path or not…and my ability to determine whether its good or bad is, in the end, kind of pointless…but I’ll try anyway.

The Voices is really about a man that’s crazy, but you see and feel the world through his eyes. In this world, everything is so chipper, bright, and colorful and everyone loves him…but in reality, it’s dark, strange, and everyone thinks he is a little off. Any story involving a main character hearing voices also seems to fall into the territory of psychotic and murder…which this eventually does as well. The way they go about it, though, is very different. You understand how crazy and demented he is, but you understand how his mentality is separate from his intentions at the same time…it’s honestly kind of smart.

Here’s what I had a problem with…movies like this that mix and mash tones don’t sit well with me. They feel imbalanced because that’s what they are. They are imbalanced because the main character himself is completely imbalanced…so yes, it’s smart. However, smart movies don’t always work for me because I’m also a guy built from simplicity – what is your main reason for watching this movie? Is there really a purpose? These questions end up receiving an answer of “no”, and because of that, I had trouble enjoying this film…I just didn’t understand why I was watching it. It’s a dark humor type of movie, and those are always touch and go. Whenever you find yourself in these dark comedies, pay attention…the way these movies typically play out and eventually end is commonly similar and leave you feeling a little empty and maybe dissatisfied, and the same applied for The Voices.

I feel bittersweet and almost flawed because I don’t always get the same out of some movies that others do. I understand and appreciate the hidden smartness of the movie, but these movies also tend to leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth after I watch them and all I can really say is that in the end, I don’t care to ever see it again. If anyone is like me, I think it’s important to inform them how it was for me. Reynolds, of course, did a phenomenal job in his role, and knew how to perform his scenes of oddities rather splendidly…but for me that’s just not enough to get me to warrant a return.

The Good:

Direction/Perception: This is a smart film that created mirroring scenarios between an imbalanced character and an imbalanced direction in overall tones. By taking the route of seeing the world through the crazy man’s eyes, the film transformed a seemingly typical overdone story and made it something special.

The Bad:

Entertainment: For me personally, I wasn’t entertained. It was dark humor, and not specifically the kind I like. It was the kind that leaves a bad taste in my mouth and ultimately leaves me dissatisfied because after all is said and done…there’s not too much of a point to this movie and not too much of a point to watch it at all.


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