Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Not PODUS’s Men.

I love spy movies and I always have. Back in the day, that’s where it was at. Where you have a number of unrealistic things transpiring, but no one really cares because it’s just a lot of fun, introduces a number of lovable characters, along with a love-to-hate villain with truly evil intentions – but at the same time, you like originality. You crave it. Which is why movies like that are only good for nostalgia purposes…until now. Kingsman: The Secret Service pays tribute to some of the spy movie greats of film’s past, but it also introduces it’s own spin on things – making it…quite the spectacle.

Meet Eggsy, an English punk that is always getting in trouble – you can tell by his punk-y hat and oversized jacket. Troublemakers like Eggsy don’t get a pass in life, or do they? You see, Colin Firth plays action hero Harry Hart in this film – the leader of a secret society known as the Kingsmen – which are basically super spies that Know. How. To. Fight. They basically train Eggsy and a number of other initiates on the act of being a gentlemen whilst also kicking major tail. Meanwhile, supervillain Samuel L. Jackson makes his lispy entrance as a genius billionaire hell bent on fixing a certain population problem.

Okay, so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this movie – the trailers looked mighty interesting, but it wasn’t something I really ever heard about until it was actually out in theaters. So in essence, there really wasn’t any hype, and a good amount of hype is healthy because without advertisement, your theater room might be a little empty. That being said, weeks went by and the movie left theaters, but people continued to talk about it until the news eventually spread that a sequel was in the midst. So did I feel the need now to go see it? Absolutely. So what did I think…I kind of liked it…a lot.

I’ve always really enjoyed martial arts films, and the more creative you get with fights the more I’m typically game in general, but beyond that, Kingsman: The Secret Service offered a lot of great themes and shout outs to the classic spy genres while maintaining an original screenplay. Some of these fights might remind you of Kill Bill, while some of the scenes might remind you of other movies like Men in Black. Face it, the entire movie was that one scene in MIB where Will Smith was being handpicked as the best of the best of the best, sir! However, the overarching plot in this film was very original and felt natural to the structure and overtones of the movie itself. Which, by the way, is great praise. Martial arts and plot don’t usually go hand-in-hand…and this time it did.

The only complaint I might see someone having was the unbelievability of the thing. Obviously, everything in this film was not only over-exaggerated, but it thrived in that fact unashamed. When movies do that, when they know they are ridiculous but keep doing it anyway – you have a winner in my opinion. If it’s trying to be serious but failing miserably, than the opposite exists. So basically, if you take this movie seriously, you fail at life.

The Good:

This movie is unadulterated fun from beginning to end. I won’t even say anything more than that.

The Bad:

Anyone that takes this movie seriously and then complains that it’s ridiculous.


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