Jurassic Park III (2001)



Dave’s 3-Word Review:
A decent addition.

According to certain critiquing websites that shall not be named (all of them), the rate of how film franchises seem to go is, more or less, worse for every sequel – and Jurassic Park III is no exception. You’ll notice that the overall rating for each film drops every time a new film comes out in the franchise – and the third is rated the lowest. HOWEVER, most people that I know actually find the third one decent, but don’t care too much for the second. Well these are different opinions that I must understand. So here I go once more – let’s talk about JPIII.

Jurassic Park III once again introduces Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant, as he’s thrown into the world of Jurassic Park once again…but not because he chose to. This time, it’s a rescue mission, as two parents search for their young son, who went missing at Site B eight weeks earlier – and Dr. Grant knows those animals best – so they let him believe he is getting paid to guide them from the air – but that doesn’t last long. Before long, they’re running from something bigger and badder than a T-Rex, as well as coming face-to-face with smarter raptors. It’s Dr. Grant’s first time on Site B, and first time fighting an enemy like this.

I remember this movie taking place on the original island from the first film, but nope. Both sequels take place on Site B, which isn’t an issue. What I noticed helped this film tremendously was Sam Neill, who I absolutely believe is the face of Jurassic Park. He’s basically the Jack Sparrow of the series, so once he returned, I was instantly a fan. It was also the shortest film in the franchise, which means it didn’t feel too long. It’s just a lot of fun. The film also focused pretty heavily on the danger aspect, keeping the dinosaurs the threat – instead of the humans. Not only that, but when it came down to the visual graphics, this actually had the realest looking CGI and it didn’t abandon the legendary animatronics that the series is known for. Finally, the music was still present – even more so than The Lost Worldand for the most part, my conclusive decision is definitely that Jurassic Park III is better than the second.

Here’s where I had a little bit of a problem with – the introduction of the new dinosaur. It was interesting when this was released, but this was the part of the plot that looks similar to the trailers of Jurassic World. In fact, even the raptor voice simulator in this film has a similar concept to something we see from the raptors in the upcoming film as well – I fear that the originality in the next film won’t be very high. As for how it was used in this film? It wasn’t too bad, but I did want to see more of the T-Rex, because in general, the T-Rex is a main character in the franchise.

I’m actually having issues even finding many flaws from this movie. If anything, it would be because the production company just wanted money, so they made another movie. Maybe it’s too flashy and not made of too much substance…I don’t know. All I know is that it is actually quite a bit of fun, contains a lot of action and danger, and feels like it fits especially thanks to Sam Neill.

The Good:

Sam Neill’s entire participation in the third film made this movie special, as well as keeping to the basics of man vs. predator. The story was also founded on something believable and relatable – so all in all, this movie fit pretty well with the franchise.

The Bad:

If I could say one major flaw, it would probably just be – in general, it doesn’t feel like it has the same spirit as the first. Meaning, it starts out and there is danger, and there is danger until the end. Instead of having slower scenes where they contemplate what’s right and wrong. This was mostly just action action action.

7 thoughts on “Jurassic Park III (2001)

  1. I wasn’t as fond of this one as the second, there was just something off about the whole thing for me. I liked the return of Sam Neill, but that was about it, everything else was just completely bonkers.


  2. This film suffers from two big problems – a massive lack of imagination and a near legendarily bad performance by Tea Leoni. You’re right about the money aspect of completing the trilogy – it felt like a different franchise. The first became an instant classic and while the follow up wasn’t as strong it did at least feel grounded. The Lost World is kind of like the goofy cousin. Did anybody buy this was a couple with a young child? I remain nervous about Jurassic World because the trailers make it look like they’ve tried to create a disaster movie/action flick. That was never what the original two films were about – it’s a family drama with dinosaurs running around in the background. Watch it make a billion dollars – one of the many reasons I’m not a Hollywood exec.

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    1. I’m also skeptical of Jurassic World – as it has a lot of daylight scenes and a whole lot of CGI by the looks of it…which didn’t really feel like Jurassic Park spirit to me…but hey

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