Get Hard (2015)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Nothing new here.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to Will Ferrell. Some hate him, and I’m sure a small crowd of people still love him, but I’m one of those guys that hopes for the best…but still ends up being a bit disappointed regardless. Get Hard is a film starring not only Will, but also Kevin Hart, and typically speaking, I really like Kevin Hart’s comedy, so once again, I was looking forward to a Will Ferrell film. Especially since I didn’t see any sports-related film…needless to say, I was once again game. How did it turn out. Let’s just say it wasn’t terrible by any means, but it also wasn’t exactly…funny either.

Get Hard is pretty basic in terms of the plot. A rich white boy is sentenced to prison, is given a month to put his affects in order, and he then decides to get tutored on how to survive in prison by the first black guy he comes into contact with – who has never been to prison. You can pretty much guess everything the two will go through, especially if you think about Will Ferrell humor. In a word, it’s predictable, but how is it presented? Exactly how you’d expect.

I don’t call this film funny. I don’t think it’s necessarily boring or anything…maybe slightly racially offensive, but I don’t think I laughed at any point at the same time. Now, I don’t immediately call comedies bad if they don’t make you laugh, because I still have to think about how smart it was, and I think it wasn’t half bad in that department. The concept for this film is very simple, and simple is good. Racial comedies are a dime a dozen, and the plot in general, was a great one for a great comedy…if it was done right. They just didn’t do what they could have done with it. That doesn’t immediately mean: BAD. It means typical, and washed out.

You can tell that, at times, this film tries pretty hard at making you laugh through inappropriate means. IE, using profanity or graphic visuals that most films usually don’t just to do something different. I’m glad they tried something out of the box, but once again, it still wasn’t funny. Things like that aren’t inherently funny – instead it’s more like grasping desperately for material…any material that people might be amused with, instead of taking the time to think about jokes with substance. Jokes that people will go home with and tell their friends and family to go see that funny movie. That just doesn’t happen here. Kevin Hart has some good moments, but for the most part it wasn’t funny and certainly was not original in any sense.

I wish I could write a really long and detail-heavy review on this film, but when you have unfunny comedies that are typical from the actors involved with a straightforward and predictable plot…there’s really not that much to say about the subject.

The Good:

Bits and pieces of the plot wasn’t bad if you really think about it.

The Bad:

In a word…bleh.

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