Jurassic World (2015)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
They never learn.

You may or may not consider the Jurassic Park series to be part horror, but the formula of each film certainly plays out like one. As Jeff Goldblum, or Cool Guy as I like to call him, once stated in the second film, “ooh ahh, that’s how it all starts. Then there’s running…and screaming.” That’s Jurassic Park in a nutshell – greedy people playing god for profit, dinosaurs gain the upper hand and chase/eat people, survivors run around aimlessly trying desperately to contact a rescue team. That’s really it, and even though we expect it and consider it predictable, we still crave to see more of it. In that regard, does Jurassic World deliver? Yes. It definitely delivers.

If I could explain the plot of this film, other than what I stated above, it would mostly be this: Jurassic Park is no more, no that park was a failure. Instead, Jurassic World was born – a resort that’s basically the same thing – only this time…it’s fully functional. Several thousand customers are walking around this island…which you are just waiting for things to turn ugly. The creative team of the resort is losing money. People are so used to dinosaurs by now, that they basically just see the place as a zoo…so they created a new dinosaur from scratch to up that entertainment level…and they had no idea how to contain it. Their only hope is raptor trainer Chris Pratt!

I’ll start with what I didn’t like about it, because I keep seeing that a lot of people really like it. It’s definitely an entertaining flick, no doubt, but it is definitely flawed – mostly in its creative writing. It has elements of all three films in it, but not much more. Yes, it technically ignores the fact that there was ever a second or third film…but it instead steals the plot lines from those films and incorporates it into this one. Here, let me point out what they use:

  • The general concept (Jurassic Park)

  • An army of InGen troops come in and take over, and make really stupid choices in the name of greed. Also, the basic idea of animal abuse/human villains (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

  • The possibility of communicating with raptors/raptor intelligence. Also, a new dinosaur bigger than the T-Rex as the main focus dino. Finally, the Pterodactyl attacks (Jurassic Park III)

The entire thing seemed to mix and match the stories of all three films into one super-movie…but now I’m wondering what was original here? The lack of paleontologists, or just the concept of an operational park? Perhaps the characters? Maybe a few things here and there, but not enough to feel fully original – and after what? Twenty years, that’s a little disappointing. If I could relate this to one of the movies, I’d definitely point to JP3, which is fine…I liked that better than Lost World anyway.

Another fault I found in this movie lied in the setting. Most of the movie takes place during daylight, which for me felt oddly off-putting. It’s not a huge problem or anything, I just find movies more suspenseful and frightening when everything takes place at night. Is this movie scary? I’m sorry, but as entertained as I was watching this, this doesn’t exactly scare me in any way. I wasn’t completely convinced that the characters were actually scared. When I saw the first film in theaters, the raptors freaked me out so much I kicked the seat in front of me…where was that in this film?

One more complaint, and I swear I’ll stop. There was too much comedy. I lost count at how many jokes people kept trying to crack while others were getting eaten like a Thanksgiving turkey. Yes, the older films also had a sense of humor, but not this much. That, combined with the daylight…just made this movie more lighthearted than I would have preferred.

Now onto the good. I expanded on the negative details because a movie like this carries hopes and expectations after so many years. You know what a Jurassic Park movie is, and there are certain things you want to see from it. Some of those things aren’t seen here…but what is? I’m glad you asked. What is actually apparent here is spirit. The spirit of every single JP movie is obvious. The score, while completely revamped, still had the bits and pieces that you wanted to hear. It obviously had the best graphics, and I’m sure if you watched it in 3D (I didn’t), you would have some major advantages. I could tell while watching it in 2D that there were 3D moments that I missed out on. There are also some really fantastic action sequences. You don’t know who will live or die, but believe me, if you watch this film…there will be blood.

It may have some flaws regarding plot, but it makes up for that in how fun the movie is. If you never watched any of the Jurassic Park films, than guess what…you’re in for a treat, because you don’t even need to know anything about the originals. It’s just a fun ride in general. So ignore my complaints and just watch the movie as is…it’s really not that bad.

The Good:

This still feels like Jurassic Park. It’s not as good as the first, nor was it ever going to be to begin with…however, this is still my second favorite in the franchise and not one you should miss.

The Bad:

In a nutshell, the story just takes everything from the original films and makes a mix-tape of sorts.

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