Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Delicious Valhalla Chrome.

As many movies that I’ve seen come from Mel Gibson’s career, the Mad Max franchise was never one of them. I know absolutely nothing about this series other than two basic things: It’s post-apocalyptic, and Australian. In the scheme of things, that’s my entire knowledge – so what do we have here? Mad Max: Fury Road revitalizes the series with Tom Hardy in the lead – with all his Bane voice glory. Before I get into the plot analysis – just imagine a violent Super Mario Kart on steroids filled with explosions, flimsy bouncy sticks, and flame-throwing guitar solos.

It may take you a while to understand the plot of this film for two very basic reasons: 1.) The loud adrenaline-laced scenes and sometimes unique character vocabulary make it difficult to understand what’s being said. 2.) You’re just thinking too much. The story is very simple because it doesn’t require anything heavy or deep. Our main baddy, Wario…I mean Immortan Joe gets angry at this chick who steals his property (more chicks) – so he chases her down to get her back. This chick (Charlize Theron) basically wants these other chicks to get to a better place – and…Max is thrown into the mix a bit randomly. He’s on his own side, but decides to help the women out anyway.

This is quite the interesting film. It’s high-octane/adrenaline scenes were interestingly shot in a way that clearly looks sped-up, but used during beneficial scenes that feel heart-pounding and intense. We’ve seen this used before in things like Jason Statham’s Crank series or even the first Bourne Identity film – but not much more than that because in my opinion…it’s a risk. Slow motion can look really fun and even beautiful, but fast-motion can almost make you feel like you’re missing out on some things. I mean…blink and it’s gone. On the plus side, it helps the film intensify the shots in the film that are already intense to begin with. I think this effect immensely helped this movie.

It helped because when you think about it, the story of this film is so basic that it’s weak. In fact, Max’s entire role in the film is bordering upon unnecessary. It’s only about the big bad man against the girls…that’s it. He may have helped them, but it’s not super far-fetched to think the strength and independence of the ladies was strong enough to actually carry the movie without him. Instead, you watch this movie for the excitement and visuals…and that’s pretty much it. The film is both insane and visually beautiful in so many ways. It creates an entire world on the shoulders of a very plain and basic concept. For something to do that so efficiently is a rarity in film. When it comes right down to it, that’s the reason you watch it – to have fun at the movies. Undoubtedly, this film is just loads of fun.

The Good:

This film is exciting, beautiful, and just a ton of fun. It created an entire universe of characters in a deserted world that clearly took a lot of thought in their creation. If nothing else, it’s just fun to watch.

The Bad:

It’s mostly a weak story where our main “hero” isn’t as necessary as you might like him to be. It can also be a bit confusing at times.


One thought on “Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

  1. I just can’t get Junkie XL’s soundtrack out of my head. Especially the ‘Brothers in Arms’ section. Omg that shit is great. The story, Yeah I’ll side with you there buddy. It’s flimsier than an anorexic stick insect


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