Ant Man (2015)

Ant man

Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Baskin Robbins Approves.

Now, I’m a guy that appreciates a good superhero flick. Especially if it’s Marvel, and undoubtedly if it’s an addition to the MCU. When I first heard of Ant Man, I was pretty worried…it wasn’t ever a movie I truly cared to watch, but I knew I had to watch it because I’m just…devoted to the MCU. Now that I’ve seen it, I can see that for the most part, I was right in predicting how the movie itself was going to feel, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – just different. After all, when the MCU was just starting out in 2008, I felt the same uncertainty when faced with Iron Man, yet another hero I wasn’t completely knowledgeable on. So in that light? How was Ant Man?  It was “okay”.

Ant Man stars Paul Rudd as Scott, a burgler by trade, but currently trying to clean his life up for his daugher – who already sees him as her own personal hero. Meanwhile, Hank Pym is trying to recruit him to be the Ant Man, a hero that wears a powerful suit that shrinks the wearer into the size of an insect – while still maintaining their human strength. The reason Hank needs him to become the Ant Man is because an old assistant of his has recreated the technology – which would be destructive in the wrong hands. Scott needs to become the Ant Man to recover the technology and save our world.

So, the first interesting element comes from my only understanding about the character – that Ant Man is Hank Pym. That’s the only thing I really knew about the character, so I was surprised to see this Scott guy take the role on. But here’s the thing, the rest didn’t surprise me. Not in the slightest. You can blame the trailers (I only ever saw one trailer) or you can do what I do – blame the early 2000s. This movie feels like a movie released in the eary 2000s – you know? Corny because it’s trying a little too hard to be serious when it’s clearly a silly concept? The whole thing feels quite silly, but doesn’t present itself that way. Guess what else happens? It become predictable – movies in the early 2000s that felt like this were always predictable. Fun, but predictable, and the same applies here.

I have to say – I am a little disappointed. This doesn’t feel like a movie that belongs in the MCU, honestly. Apart from a few familiar faces, this felt like a Marvel movie from that other movie company. I could definitely see Ant Man helping out the Fantastic Four or Deadpool, for example…not so much the Avengers. The Avengers are serious, but also funny – which is why I understand where this movie is coming from – but I think, in a way, it was trying way too hard to fit into that universe when it probably would have fit a little better as more of a comedy.

It was a bit of a gamble, that I understand. I wasn’t so sure of Iron Man or Guardians of the Galaxy at first either, but as it is – those are among the highest rated movies I have in the MCU – so as a blind member of the audience, I was prepared for anything – I just wished it fell more in line with the afore-mentioned films than what it did. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s fine, it’s decent, just not incredible. It’s a good time at the movies, it’s not boring, so don’t think that’s what I mean or anything. It’s just a little silly – and should have embraced the sillyness.

The Good:

Ant Man isn’t a bad flick, it’s decent and has some fun action sequences – and I do believe Paul Rudd fit into the character a lot better than I ever thought he would. Same goes for Michael Douglas. They were all pretty good.

The Bad:

It was just so silly. It was silly and because they didn’t embrace it like they should’ve – it turned pretty corny, and comparable to movies released in the early 2000s. Those movies were fine when released – this feels…dated somehow. My main complaint, however, is just the fact that they didn’t embrace their biggest characteristic.

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