Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

Pitch perfect

Dave’s 3-Word Review:
A little pitchy.

Pitch Perfect, man, I was a fan. Now there was a musical-type film that not only I could enjoy, but so could a larger percentage of people all around. Men and women alike can appreciate what this franchise has going for it. It’s funny, bold, and is really easy to fall in love with regardless on if you actually like musicals or not. Plus, if you really paid attention, right after the release of the first film – all of those songs you liked hearing from the cast…the original versions showed back up on the radio again after who knows how long. Coincidence? I think not. I’ve been waiting anxiously for the second movie, and here it is, Pitch Perfect 2.

The second film in the franchise focuses once more on the Borden Bellas. They are still singing and striving to make it out on top – that is until one of their members accidentally bares all while the president was watching – which kicked them out of the competition. To get back, they have to join a different, much tougher and global competition – where they come face to face with a wickedly talented erman accapella champion team. All the while Anna Kendrick’s character tries hard to fit into a new internship where she’s trying to become an actual musical producer…but does she have the chops to do it…or is the only thing she can do mashups?

So, I guess the real question is – how does this one compare to the other? That’s not always an easy question. In some ways, it feels absolutely perfect, and in others…it fails in comparison. I think in general, the comedy felt a little stiffer in this film than the others to pave way for more songs and deeper storylines. It still had the same type of humor as well as your favorite comedic characters, but something about the whole thing felt off and dull, unfortunately. If you watched the first movie completely for the nonstop comedy – you are definitely not going to find that in the second, though there is still a good amount of humor in it. If you like the first film for maybe the dramatic elements/romance/or music – there may still be some hope for you yet.

It’s true, this film focused a lot more on the dramatic and musical side of things. You obviously like the renditions made in the first, so there is a lot more the second time around. If I had to guess, there’s probably about twice the music here. Before you ask, yes – the music is very well done. The real question is if you like the first movie’s selection in music or the second. I personally prefer the first, but again – it’s just a preference thing. I personally just like how the selection in the first movie felt like they escalated with the tone and feel of the film – I didn’t get that here. Also, for the dramatic side of things…it’s very similar to the first in terms of Anna Kendrick trying to do her thing, but being weird because of it. Only this time she’s older, so her choices are more…responsible. I have no problems about that.

Here’s where I really get a little iffy. A lot of the side characters in the first movie get their own side-stories, as well as an introduction to a new girl, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), who is more or less the Anna Kendrick for this movie – girl with big dreams, likes to sing, blah blah blah. The side-characters from the first getting their own stories…that’s okay…not necessary but okay – Emily’s character? I did not like. She wasn’t a horrible character, exactly, but she was unbelievably dull. She made no impression on me whatsoever. In no way, shape, or form did I ever find her unique or special. In my opinion, she was just…there…in the background – which is really bad, considering the role she held was kind of important!

The Good:
I think Pitch Perfect 2 is a fine film that fits well within the universe the first film set out. It’s still really funny, has great songs and singing talent, and a deep enough story to make you care about the characters.

The Bad:
I see the second film as a fun movie to watch, but not something you’ll really remember in the long run. It’s funny, but the first wasn’t just funny – it was hysterical. It barely even let you settle down before making you laugh harder the next time. This movie, the newer characters that have been added aren’t that great, espeically Emily who kind of dulls everything down all around.

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