Waterworld (1995)


Dave’s 3-Word Review:
Mad Max: Galactica.

Way back in the ancient times of 2006, me and my family ventured off to Los Angeles, where we visited some truly remarkable places within Universal Studios – including a watershow based off this movie…or was the movie based on that show? Anyways – the show was a lot of fun, but I had my reasons not to watch the actual movie, I’ve heard two main things about Waterworld1. It’s really long, and 2. It’s just plain boring. With long movies, it’s always something I consider a give or take scenario. It could be great, or like I mentioned above, boring. What I came to realize is that yes, it’s a little lengthy, but only a little – it was much longer when it was released twenty years ago. Back then, 90 minutes was standard. Nowadays, it’s not as long when compared to practically every other modern movie…so that’s a good sign. What about the movie itself?

Waterworld is esseentially about just that – a world of water. It’s the future, and the polar ice caps have melted, covering the planet in water – leaving only a good handful of survivors that will do just about anything for you bare essentials – and if you can get a jar of dirt or fresh water – you’re basically a god among men. Kevin Costner plays “Mariner”, a loner due to his evolved state of being – and he gets thrown into the middle of a bunch of drama when a group of pirates, or smokers, speak of a mythical place called “dry land” – and a young girl has a tattoo on her back that apparently points the way to the land. The whole movie is basically an action adventure rat race to get there first.

I’m actually glad I saw this movie, especially after not seeing it for the last twenty years. This movie may have been prime when it came out, but it now reminds me of two pretty popular series – one – Battlestar Galactica, and two – the most recent Mad Max film. It looks and feels like Mad Max because of how post-apocalyptic, violent, crazy, and primitive the survivors act. The plot, on the other hand, reminds you of BSG because of the mission. In BSG, the team is looking for the mythical place called “Earth”, and this particular story is “dry land” – both things that exist in our world, but both things that could technically not exist in their specific world. I liked that though – those are storylines that I can get behind and cheer about.

I’m honestly a bit surprised at the fact that this movie never got a sequel or reboot. I guess that was less important back in 1995, but I can still see them rebooting this series and taking advantage of things like the practical effects used in the film – and just the whole concept of a watery planet – and the things you’d have to do in order to survive. They delved a little into that, but you just know there’s a lot more to it, there’s a lot more they can do with it than they did. I’m not complaining, I’m just open to seeing more.

Now, because this was mid-nineties, we have some very basic issues regarding villains. They were corny, no, they were cartoony. There was a few moments where the main villain, played by Dennis Hopper, said lines that could be compared to Claw in Inspector Gadget – “I’ll get you next time, Gadget!”or maybe, “Noooooooooo!” – it was okay, just a bit overdone and not as believable. I’d rather have something a little deeper and darker – this is a post-apocalyptic world…it’s impossible to imagine a world where this is possible – let’s make it even worse by creating an evil, insane villain! It’s not a huge problem, just something I thought was a little tacky.

The Good:

The movie was a lot better than I previously thought it would be. It’s a post-apocalyptic film made in 1995 set in the future that doesn’t involve tin-foil suits or flying cars – but instead something primitive – like it probably would be if the world was forced to survive in a quick apocolypse.

The Bad:

What can I say? It’s a little aged, but only a little. The only thing that really feels aged about it is how it’s a bit corny in how the actors react to a few scenes. Other than that, it’s not bad.

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