Intoducing ‘Dave Examines TV’!


Hey guys, Dave here. I just wanted to let you know about my sister site, Dave Examines TV! It’s still in the works, but coming along quite nicely. Some of you probably have already known about this development, but I examines both TV and movies now, it’s only smart to inform one site of the other.

How it works is this – I’ll watch a brand new TV season, and decide right then and there if it’s good enough to watch. How the decision is made is quite simple. After the first episode, I decide if one episode is good enough to come up with a verdict, or I can also decide after another episode or two. The rankings go like this:

  1. Watch It
  2. One More to Make Sure
  3. Two More to Restore
  4. Skip It

Also, this is brand new – Thursdays will have the age-old feature #TBT otherwise known as #ThrowBackThursday. On this day, I go through and talk about TV shows that are now off the air, but still great shows to talk about. I have a list of 104 shows for that feature currently – that’s at least two full years of material (if I keep up with it).

I’m still coming up with new ideas, but check out the site – follow it, tell me what you think and if you think any other features would be great for it. Until then, I await your presence. Peace!


Comment here, guys!

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