Insidious: Chapter 3 ( 2015)

insidious 3

Dave’s 3-Word Review: A better direction.

As far as horror films are concerned, I’ve always had a more or less opposite reaction than the rest of the world when introduced to Insidious. I thought the first film in the franchise was okay in theory, but in reality, it tried too hard to physically show us the demons and entities – and even when it did – those creatures just looked too silly to take seriously. A part of the concept I loved, and I always enjoyed the overall look and tones of the films, but I was never a fan of the series in general – nor was I ever scared. The second movie just got worse…it was even more laughable than the first in so many ways. Suddenly, Insidious: Part 3 is released…and so I sigh out of frustration. Do I really want to see it? No – but because it is a serialized horror series – I have an obligation to offer my two-cents. So without further ado – what did I think? Part 3 was easily the best in the franchise – but it’s still not without its faults.

The third film in the series is actually a prequel, as it introduces us to an all-new family with an all-too familiar issue. A young girl misses her mother, who recently passed away – so she seeks solace in a psychic who focuses on speaking to the dead. Only…once she opens that door, she lets other things OUT. Creatures of unimaginable malice start wreaking havoc on this poor young girl’s life – one in particular that leaves horrific footprints wherever it goes, and cannot speak.

This one can most certainly be identified with the first film for a variety of reasons, the only reason why I say this one is particularly better than the first is mostly out of preference. I’ve now accepted that this series loves to show you the demon, and I’m just going with it. Secondly, the creatures are actually creepy in this instead of classic red-face demon and scary old ladies in black wedding dresses. I mean – this creature has…some kind of tar on his feet and cannot speak – which in and of itself is weirdly original and absolutely terrifying in my opinion. I don’t usually like movies that show you what you’re supposed to be afraid of, but I think they did a pretty good job here this time.

Also, I like the characters this time around. The entire cast of the first two movies, in my opinion, can’t act if their life depended on it. They just come off as douchebags that simply try too hard. This time around, we were given an all new cast, other than the psychic, and they were simply wonderful and realistic. It ultimately felt like a different movie, but absolutely welcome in the same universe…kind of like a spin-off, actually.

I have to say, I’m impressed. Very rarely do I go into a movie completely expecting it to bore me to tears or disappoint me in some god awful way and walk out happy. Out of all three films, this is the only one to actually be effective in its jumping scares – because the jumping scares are actually good. It’s not amazing by any standards though. I won’t be hiding under my covers tonight or anything – but for what it’s worth, it’s spooky during the experience of watching the thing – which is more than what I can say for any of the other movies. Maybe that’s a preference thing. Maybe it’s not, but if there’s any film I would tell you that you should see in the franchise – it would be this one.

The Good:

Simply put, this is the best film out of the franchise – it had better/creepier creatures, better direction, better characters, and better scares.

The Bad:

It’s still very unessecary to continue the franchise. Plus, saying Chapter 3 is a prequel is a little hard to follow. Can’t you say…prologue or something?

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