Mini-Reviews (2015-2016)

As many of you have noticed, I have stopped reviewing movies – but that doesn’t necessarily mean I stopped watching/reviewing films. This post is to highlight some of the main movies that I saw since the end of 2015 up to today. It might not be a full list, but it’ll be the main ones.

  1. Creed (2015) 76%creed-56d0ef2d1f350.jpg
    • Creed is a semi-sequel/reboot of the the Rocky series. I feel like they tried to keep that a secret for a while…like they did with Prometheus, but at the end of the day, they ended up giving that fact away. Maybe it was obvious to hardcore fans. Anyways, not being a hardcore Rocky fan, I can’t say I loved it, but I can say that it was well done and still felt like it belonged in the series. Ultimately though, I might have to say it’s unnecessary in the end.
  2. Deadpool (2016) 87%deadpool-56974f5c85067.jpg
    • Deadpool is, so far, the only 2016 movie I’ve seen up to this point, but that is set to change really soon. It’s hard to explain how I felt about this one. If you are unfamiliar with the character, there’s a good chance that this will be insane, and you’ll love it to pieces. If you are familiar, on the other hand, nothing will really surprise you, and you might see it as…well…typical…but still pretty good.
  3. Intern, The (2015) 76%the-intern-5655a7ff63cee.jpg
    • The Intern was a movie that never really interested me, seeing how it looked like one of those gimmicky, cheap shots at comedy films. Surprisingly, I found it endearing with characters and situations that I could actually relate to. There’s some quality aspects of this movie, but I don’t really see myself watching it again anytime soon.
  4. Martian, The (2015) 88%the-martian-55ab944bc0a4a.jpg
    • A lot of people talked about The Martian before I saw it, and I was always worried about getting spoiled before I actually saw it. When I eventually did, I was floored by how strong of a concept the movie had, and how well the actors portrayed their characters. It was unique and original, and a movie I’d love to own one day…oh wait, I already do!
  5. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015) 83%mission-impossible-5-551101fbc1fdf.jpg
    • I love the Mission: Impossible series, and what’s so mysterious about it is how the series has just gotten better over the years…well, since J.J. Abrams got his magical hands on the franchise. 3, 4, and 5 are eons better than any of the films before it…but I actually like all of them. The last two, by far, are the most surprising of the whole franchise, and I can’t wait for them to continue making these movies until the end of time.
  6. Parnormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015) 53%paranormal-activity-the-ghost-dimension-56a25c0abd833.jpg
    • Paranormal Activity was and is still one of my all-time favorite horror movies. Period. Each movie following the first gradually destroyed what the first film was all about, and even though I never really rated them very highly, I always rated them higher than anyone else, because I always saw potential in their ability to bring it back to the glory days…they never did. The Ghost Dimension is the last film in the franchise, which actually brings everything full circle, and for that reason and that reason only, the movie is interesting. Necessary? No. Scary? No. Just interesting. Still bad, though.
  7. Pixels (2015) 80%pixels-55b16350906c3.jpg
    • I know a lot of people hate me for my decision to rate this movie so highly…even though I don’t consider it a high score. My score of 80% is because they did a good job at staying true to Video Game history and nostalgia. I’m a classic gamer, and this brought me back to the good ol’ days. It’s completely bonkers and stupid, but who cares? It’s a movie about killer video game characters.
  8. Room (2015) 89%room-56aa8b09bcdd6.jpg
    • I saw Room a little late in the game, but I want everyone to know that at this point, it is on my Top 3 of 2015. It is captivating, tense, beautiful, and important. It covers a lot of topics that you wouldn’t expect from a movie like this. It especially covers the wide spectrum of emotions like love, hate, fear, depression, desperation and the primal instinct of a parent when it comes to their child. It deals with judgments and misunderstandings – all within a movie plot that you can’t get enough of.
  9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) 90%star-wars-episode-vii-56476d7e4b08f.jpg
    • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a hard one to put your finger on. It’s definitely a Star Wars movie, but not like what you’d expect. I had to think hard to figure out how one was supposed to take this film in – and I figured it out. Each trilogy of the series should be taken and respected as its own entity – without comparisons…which I understand can be impossible. This movie, however, is the start of…what could be the biggest thing EVER. We just have to wait and see where they take it from here. For now, it’s just a really fun, enjoyable flick.
  10. Steve Jobs (2015) 78%steve-jobs-56535f677b72d.jpg
    • I want to start off by saying I didn’t feel too much of a draw to see Steve Jobs, but there was also a lot of critics praising it…or praising the acting in it, rather. So I watched it, regardless of the fact that I’ve seen at LEAST two other biopic films covering his life story. Do I have a preference in which one I like? Yes. Is it this one? No. Steve Jobs is acted very well. Very, very well. It is written very well. The pacing, however, I have a problem with. It jumps from exhibit to exhibit with very little in between. That’s jumping from year to year without even telling you what year that is. It’s not the most effective in terms of storytelling. So when it came down to it, the great acting/great writing didn’t hold up well for me.
  11. Ted 2 (2015) 73%ted-2-55b3667529d74.jpg
    • Ted 2 worked for many, and didn’t work for others. I think for me, it was simply okay. I didn’t find it hilarious, I think I prefer the original. I don’t think I’ll ever watch this one again…it was what it was. A sequel to a talking teddy bear movie.
  12. Tomorrowland (2015) 82%tomorrowland-553782ed9dc65.jpg
    • Tomorrowland I had troubles watching, and I’m not really sure why. I had to pause and rewatch it a few times because I was busy doing other things…but in the end, I found the flick to be a magical and fun story, which is perfect for any Disney movie. I think kids would love it.
  13. Trainwreck (2015) 68%trainwreck-560fdb2043022.jpg
    • Trainwreck. What can I say about this movie?  I can certainly call it forgettable, because I don’t remember a lot about it since I’ve seen it. I just know it was a typical non-serious comedy just to watch as a comedy. So there ya go.
  14. Vacation (2015) 67%vacation-55b3eb0b4c136.jpg
    • Vacation, now this is a movie I was concerned about and also a movie that a lot of people complained about. It was basically a modern reboot of the same movie with the next generation of the same family. The main problem this film faced was trying to make it modern – so even though the older movies were always a bit dirty – it was an innocent form of dirty…I don’t really know how to explain it more than that. This movie was just modern dirty comedy – without the innocence. The only reason I didn’t rate this lower was because the theme was National Lampoon’s Vacation. That’s the ONLY reason.
  15. Walk, The (2015) 84%the-walk-55d7618fb56fe.jpg
    • The Walk is a movie that more or less impressed me. It was pretty much about this guy that wanted to walk on a tightrope between the world trade centers. He did it without permission, so the entire thing was basically a heist. For what it was, this was done really well – but I wasn’t a big fan of the fake French accents. I have a feeling though – that it would be a better experience for you if you just go ahead and watch it in 3D.

5 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews (2015-2016)

  1. The Golden Globes considered The Martian the Best Comedy or Musical Film. I see it has a higher score than Pixels 😉 Can The Martian be Best Comedy in your DEMMY awards?

    Just yankin’ your chain hahaha.


    1. Haha, I know. Everyone rants about it being a comedy – my Demmy comedy spot is ALL comedy – The Martian has a lot of epic, drama, tense moments as well, so in my opinion – doesn’t meet the requirements! lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Keith! I’m hoping to move more to mini reviews in the future. Turns out working a full time job and being a dad takes up a lot of my time. Yeah, Creed wasnt too bad, but I’m also not a big boxing guy either, so I have that to my disadvantage too.


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