April-May Reviews (16 films)

I didn’t watch too many movies in the month of April, so I’m combining April’s reviews with Mays. You’ll also noticed I’ve gone from rating a movie from percentages to a 1-10/10 scale.


  1. The Good Dinosaurthe-good-dinosaur-56535f16d46dd.jpg
    • Along with Brave, The Good Dinosaur was the only Disney/Pixar film I didn’t really have the biggest interest in watching.  It appeared to be geared towards the smaller kids out there versus countless other Pixar flicks.  Interestingly enough, it was very kid’s oriented, but it was also put together rather well.  Telling a story about making your mark in this world isn’t new, but it was presented as if it were in a new and unique fashion. It’s not exactly my favorite movie, but I concede to the fact that it’s a pretty good movie.
  2. The Meteor Manmaxresdefault.jpg
    • Believe it or not, The Meteor Man is one of my favorite corny superhero flicks. Not only was this film the only real African American superhero film of its day – but that’s almost still true today…for now. There have been black heroes introduced in current movies – but not so much starring in their own film…unless you count Disney Channel Original Movie Up, Up and Away (which also starred Meteor Man himself).


  1. Captain America: Civil Warcaptain-america-3-56562b2ebeda0.jpg
    • Standing at probably the highest anticipated film of the month is Captain America: Civil War. I wrote a more extensive review of this movie on my Facebook page – so if you look up Dave Examines Movies – you can probably find it after scrolling through a few articles. To keep it short, this movie is a great, entertaining flick – but is also a bit convoluted at times as there is too many characters and storylines – continuing to introduce characters an hour and half into the thing.
  2. The Giftthe-gift-562ddc951beee.jpg
    • I rented The Gift on Google Play Movies, as I was always interested in seeing the film…regardless on what other people thought…and it mostly didn’t disappoint. This is a very decent thriller that contains just enough mysteries to keep you guessing and most surprisingly – forces you to think long after the movie ends. It does that to creep under your skin!
  3. The Little RascalsRascals
    • You ready for some nostalgia, kids? The Little Rascals is a name a lot of people will be familiar with, and for good reason. This movie had some cute kids, and you know what made them so cute to begin with? The fact that, for the most part, they aren’t actors. They are kids that are given lines to read, and you can tell they aren’t good at it, but it adds to the cute factor, and you connect with them…as weird as that sounds. Back in the ’90s, kids movies benefited off of practical effects, and the cuteness, the practical effects, and the various celebrity guest stars made this movie worth while.
  4. Red Eye red-eye-52121ce09b236.jpg
    • Red Eye, for some reason or another, is one of my favorite thriller films of all time.  You see, the entire movie takes place in one place, but it feels so much larger than that – plus, even though it had a very typical and simple storyline, it was lead by two very impressive cast mates and a very fun, even if it’s a little tacky, soundtrack (you know, like Pacific Rim).
  5. The Transporterthe-transporter-517d5dcf41e3d.jpg
    • Likewise, The Transporter is one of my all time favorite action flicks for one reason or another. This might actually be the first time I’ve ever seen Jason Statham in anything. If you are looking for a guy flick, look no further, this has chicks, car races with basically spy cars, expert fight choreography and a basic dumb plot any guy could follow…I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes…it’s the truth! But this movie is, any way you look at it, in my opinion, is cool.


  1. The 5th Wavethe-5th-wave-569a283563815
    • Man, was there hype for this film. Not generated by me of course, but from the movie industry. I saw commercial after commercial, and it was the featured movie with IMDb and Fandango alike…but the real question was…why? Because the movie industry wanted you to see this movie, and the movie itself probably paid up the wazoo to make sure people knew it existed…because without that hype, I’m not sure they would. The 5th Wave was  a movie that seemed to mash together three other movies: Independence Day, I am Legend, and Divergent. I honestly didn’t see a ton of originality here, and somewhere down the line, I figured it all out and got bored. It’s okay, I guess…just nothing special.
  2. The Boythe-boy-5659ace2383b2.jpg
    • Oh joy, another movie about a creepy doll that seems to be haunted…wait…this movie isn’t half bad? Yeah, actually, I didn’t really care about the concept, but I liked the execution – which was legitimately suspensful 90% of the time – and it made you question a few things…as well as had a few surprises here and there, and finding those in thriller/horror films is an oddity these days, and I welcome it. Check this one out, it might be the best creepy doll movie I’ve ever seen (and to ever exist).
  3. The Facultythe-faculty-51cde7b0be9b9.jpg
    • When I was young, one of my favorite books was My Teacher is an Alien, and The Faculty is the closest thing to an actual movie adaptation that exists…even though there’s not really any connection. Instead, this is defintely more adult-friendly – but it’s clearly a classic to a lot of people – and for good reason.
  4. Hush

    • Here’s a Netflix movie that a few critics have been raving about. Saying things like…it’s not Oscar material, but it’s a good thriller. I’ll admit, the idea of a psycho stalking a deaf woman is tantalizing material, a concept I’d love to see more of, but in the end of the day, the movie was once again…just okay. There was a few moments that surprised me, and a few moments I found great, but other than that, it was what it was…that being said, check Hush out, it’s on Netflix, so if you got the subscription, you can see it for free (sorta).
  5. The Witchthe-witch-56afcb03b5dd3.jpg
    • I wasn’t sure how I’d like this movie, all I know is that I wanted to see it, and it wasn’t big enough to show in my city’s theater. It’s an okay movie, incredibly boring, but the cinematography and acting is brilliant. It’s not how you expect a witch movie to go, even though it’s stereotypical old-school type witches. My main complaint came from the difficulty of understanding the characters when they spoke.
  6. Over the Hedgeover-the-hedge-53adbbdde4040.jpg
    • A favorite in the world of kids movies, and it was a film I didn’t really mind either. It was funny, cute, made some decent jokes – but otherwise…I don’t know. I wouldn’t say it was phenomenal or anything, just…slightly better than typical.


  1. Dirty Grandpadirty-grandpa-56abd97a38f83.jpg
    • Here’s a film I didn’t really care for. I think it it obtained what it went for, overall, but it was mostly offensive…and not really in a good way…just because it could be. I wasn’t exactly walking out of the theater, but I wasn’t exactly laughing, either. Okay fine, maybe one snicker.
  2. Zoolander 2zoolander-2-56575ebf5dc9c.jpg
    • Zoolander 2 is just like Dirty Grandpa in the sense that…who really cares in the end? I was never a super fan of the first film, but I will concede that it was better than the unneeded follow-up.To be fair though, I laughed every time Kiefer Sutherland showed up.


  1. The Little Rascals Save the DayRascals2
    • Okay, so what The Little Rascals did right in 1994, The Little Rascals Save the Day did the opposite for 10 years later. Yes, it’s cool to see the characters again a decade later, but this movie will not, I repeat, will not make kids remember the Rascals for another generation. I fear the Rascals line ends here. The kids weren’t cute because they were actors, and bad ones at that. They didn’t use practical effects and instead used cheap visual effects, and to top that all off, there wasn’t very many celebrity guest stars, making this cheap sequel an altogether waste of time. Better to stick with the ’90s, folks.

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