Trailers – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales


muqq4k4lxsxaibrfilrdyxq71awYou ask me, I don’t really think there should have been any more Pirates of the Caribbean films after the initial trilogy, but here we are once again. The original trilogy starred the wonder trio of Jack, Will, and Elizabeth – as well as a few returning guest stars. In short, they felt concise and whole. The most recent film was interesting – but felt more like a spin-off flick than anything else…but I digress.

The next film in the seemingly never-ending franchise is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales – a movie that until now, we knew even less about. For the longest time, the only thing we had in our possession was a poster and a title…both of which at least tease a possibility that our beloved Captain may die. In the poster, a ship continues its course while the infamous captain’s hat floats on…and then, of course, there is the title. Today, however, we are blessed with another piece to the puzzle – the first teaser to the film.

What you find here is very interesting: no Johnny Depp. This, of course, is a teaser that shows one snippet from one scene – and the point of that is to give you a feel of what this is about. The initial reaction I have to this is “classic”. Classic Pirates of the Caribbean going back to its roots with ghostly pirates in a dark and mystical world. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the last film, this could prove itself. There’s been enough time in between films to get a few things right – and they may have done so here.

Only time will tell, as we have until next year to see more trailers, pictures, and the like. So as for a tiny little sneak preview – this did alright. I’ll look forward to the main event in 2017.

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