Trailers – Power Rangers (2017)

rcdk7rsrbvc8m7ephunyxdvxqvtNow here’s a trailer I’ve been waiting to see. How will they reboot the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Just, how? Apparently, they are definitely doing it, and they are changing EVERYTHING – and I’m not sure how I feel about it other than…it actually looks pretty good, actually! Watch the trailer below.

So the main thing I noticed with this trailer is that they are taking everything literally. First of all the “power” in the title refers to the fact that they actually have powers, mostly super-strength, but I’m sure they also take a page out of Neo’s handbook, and know kung-fu, too. Secondly, the trailer didn’t show a lot of the suits, but when it did, you’ll notice another thing – they morph. I mean, they have always morphed…but there was something unique about how they morph in this trailer. They are taking a beloved series and taking it incredibly seriously. I just want to see some Megazords and a villain that can make itself a giant. Or no…Bulk and Skull – I want to see them. Oh man, this is going to be crazy!

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