Review – Bride Wars (2009)


bride-wars-537115a5c8c40Aren’t romantic comedies the best? I take that back.  Aren’t romantic comedies with the wedding subgenre the best? I mean, we surely don’t have enough of them, right? I’m kidding, of course, but that doesn’t stop the movies from coming out. To be fair, some of these films aren’t that bad, but most do blend together. I have seen so many of these films knowing first hand how identical they can be. The only reason I watched Bride Wars is primarily because of the cast. So let’s get into it.

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play Liv and Emma, two childhood best friends that basically do everything together…and if there is any confusion, they might as well be valley girls, like OMG!! Okay, maybe not as bad, but in order for this movie to work, they had to be very girly. They both get engaged, and because of a mistake, their wedding days fall on the same day at the same time at the same venue. Why is this bad? Because if it is at the same time…they can’t be each other’s maids of honor. Furthermore, they can’t just change the day because this dream venue of theirs isn’t available again for another three years. No, this isn’t two brides fighting over the venue, which would make more sense, this was two brides fighting over the fact that both of them decided to go ahead with the venue without each other.

My main issue with this movie was simply the premise. I didn’t think the reason behind the entire “war” warranted said “war”. Both of the girls had everything they ever dreamed of: the venue and the day. Both girls had those things the entire movie – what they didn’t have is each other. So this movie is about friendship, which I always expected, but I’m not sure the method they went about it was smart. What I would have rather seen is one open spot in this venue for the next three years – which one gets it? That motive would have warranted a war, not what we have here.


As I mentioned above, I watched this film primarily for the cast, and as far as I could tell, the cast all did a pretty good job. Even young Chris Pratt, who plays one of the grooms in the film. The cast worked well together and had a decent amount of chemistry – which is where the film draws most of its strength. It needed a strong set of characters for the audience to remember because the rest of it is just…typical. As an adult male, I felt like I was drowning in estrogen. It is a romantic comedy about a wedding, so I won’t complain too much about that, but I should also point out that I highly prefer Brides Maids. 

Unfortunately, this film strongly suffers from rom-com movie tropes that are as predictable as they are typical. I had the misfortune of watching the trailer before watching the movie, which showed most, if not all, the pranks the girls play on each other…you know, the only element the film relies on for its comedy? It just feels more like an edgy Katherine Heigl movie than a solid comedy that anyone should own or allude to in the future.

“Typical” is the right term for this film. I would never call it a disappointment or crapfest because that’s just not what this movie is. It’s a typical romantic comedy that met my expectations before going in. At the same time, I’d never call it a movie that anyone really needs to see either. It is what it is, friends. Take that as you will.

RATING: 6/10

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