On Blu-Ray: 10.11.16


To be fair, I’m not as good at watching movies as I used to be, so I can’t talk about the other movies that are being released on Blu-Ray today – such as The Legend of Tarzan or Infiltrator. What I can talk about are the two movies I have indeed seen, such as Ghostbusters and Ice Age: Collision Course. Both of these films should at least hold some sense of nostalgia – but not as much as other movies this year. I think, in general, there is one good and one bad movie from the two I’ll be talking about. So let’s get cracking.


AKA – Answer the Call

ghostbusters-iii-57836043c9a30Ghostbusters is decidedly the best movie to come out this week (that I’ve seen anyway). Like the original series, it mostly uses alumni from Saturday Night Live as its primary source of humor, and it also creates a good number of nods towards the original series while maintaining its own originality as well. No, it’s not the same as the original. I think it was ultimately lighter than the original, but you know what? Who cares? It is its own thing, swimming in creative liberty and that’s okay. It is a movie that is fun for the whole family. My one year old watched the whole thing, something unheard of for his impossibly small attention span – which he couldn’t do, by the way, for Ice Age: Collision Course.

RATING: 7/10

Ice Age: Collision Course

ice-age-5-56c3c4532fad3To be perfectly honest, I’m completely shocked there is even another addition to this movie franchise. It’s cute and all, but it has completely lost its meaningful sparks it used to have. Sometimes, a franchise goes on just to end and tell a semi-complete story… which happens here. If they make another movie, though, I’m going to be mad. There’s simply nothing left for the characters anymore. Let all the hate and bad reviews be a lesson to you animators – the family seen in the Ice Age franchise should be put to bed. One more film in the franchise…I doubt anyone will recognize you even made it at this point, so be done and move on.

RATING: 4/10


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