Review – Nerve (2016)


nerve-573382f64a7a8Do you have the nerve to read my review of Nerve? Out of all of the movies I was looking forward to this year, Nerve was an interesting case of “it might be good, it might be bad” so which one was it? Well, I wouldn’t call it a phenomenal display of brilliance, but I would call it interesting – a topic that while portrayed among electronic lights and music, is a topic that isn’t really that hard to believe in the world today. Maybe someday, Donald Trump will see this movie, and say it’s a tremendous idea…Until that day, we can all just sit down and watch it for what it is – a movie.

Nerve stars Emma Roberts as Vee, a young teen that is a little too shy for her own good. Meanwhile, a nationwide game is being played called Nerve – which is basically truth or dare, minus the truth. To give herself a boosted ego and self-worth, she decides to join as a player instead of a watcher. Through the games, she learns how to live and enjoy the little things in life. She soon learns, however, that the more you play, the higher the stakes become.

This is one of those movies that rely pretty heavily on concept and design more than the actual writing, and that’s okay this time. I feel like I’ve seen this idea done differently in different projects, but it seems to work out in more of a natural fashion for Nerve. Other than the idea alone, you’ll notice this movie focuses pretty heavily on electronic music and visuals – the entire thing is basically what the poster looks like – one big neon lights sign. These types of movies are hard for me to get into, but thankfully, I do like the cast and I sort of like the characters too…which makes for a decent viewing experience.


Interestingly enough, this movie could have gone a completely different direction pretty easily. I half expected this movie to be a spiritual spin-off of The Purge  or something similar, and have a ton of people daring the characters to kill people everywhere. While the threat of death is in this film…it’s not a horror film. Instead, at its worst, it is a simple thriller, which is a refreshing change of theme for this type of flick.

I can’t say I’ll be buying this movie. It was an interesting change of pace, but ultimately not something I care to see again. Instead, I’ll recommend my readers rent it to start, and if you like it, buy it. It won’t be for everyone, and I highly doubt it’ll win any Oscars, but it is entertaining for what it’s worth. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

RATING: 7/10

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