On Blu-Ray: 10.18.16


This week on DVD & Blu-Ray are a couple of movies that are both entertaining enough to watch, but maybe not enough to own. On the other hand, critic reviews are looking bad for both Independence Day: Resurgence and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Rotten Tomatoes specifically has both films standing with a rotten score around ~30%. First of all, that is truly horrible. These movies aren’t as good as their predecessor, but they are perfectly enjoyable movies. Let’s get into it.

Independence Day: Resurgence

independence-day-resurgence-57ed951f2f657First up is Independence Day: Resurgence. To be fair, I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since they announced it was coming. Then again, no one was really asking for it. The first movie told an entire story, and the sequel more or less did the same thing on a bigger scale – but without Will Smith. While I believe Smith’s absence is unfortunate, I don’t believe the film deserved the amount of hatred it has gotten. This movie is fun, entertaining, and takes the level of destruction to a new level – thanks to modern day technology. The first movie is better, no question, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore this one. Check it out!

RATING: 7/10

Alice Through the Looking Glass

alice-through-the-looking-glass-57dc8d4abb218Next up is Alice Through the Looking Glass, the follow-up to one of the first live-action remakes Disney had to offer. Again, critics were rather harsh with this one, and I am once again pretty shocked and confused as to why. Once again, the story isn’t as strong as the original, but it’s fun to watch – which in and of itself doesn’t warrant a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean…come on. In fact, because I’ve seen the original story done so many times, it was refreshing to see the characters in a new light – using time travel to expand the universe. In certain ways, I liked this more than the first. Sorry, but it’s true. You don’t have to take my advice, though, check it out for yourself!

RATING: 7/10

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