Review – Sausage Party (2016)


sausage-party-573f4453e1d57I don’t often find myself at a loss of words when it comes to film, but Sausage Party had me at that loss. This is an R-rated animated film that goes as far as it will go on a limited R rating, and then some…but these are things I already knew, yet I’m still shocked at the direction they purposefully went. That shock, however, isn’t based on what they do – but more so…why? Let’s get into it.

Sausage Party stars not only a sausage in the lead, but practically every other grocery item that you can think of as they come to life – Pixar style – and the humans don’t realize it. Their entire life has been spent in the grocery store, and they believe that the great beyond, their heaven, is in people’s homes. They believe people are gods and when they are chosen, it’s smooth sailing from there on out. When they discover people are really evil creatures that are bent on murdering them – well, things change.

I knew before seeing this that it wasn’t a kids movie. I knew it was raunchy and Seth Rogen, and all that. A raunchy animated film is unfortunately made with the specific intent to be humorous based solely on the fact that these are raunchy…animated…characters… as if we’ve never seen that before. I think it might have more of an appeal in those regards if this film was released a few years ago – but if they were going for shock in that department, I’m sorry. I didn’t care that a hot dog drops the F bomb – no matter how many times they do it. That didn’t affect me in the slightest…so in order to shock you more, they do something completely unnecessary near the end that just confused me. I skipped the whole shock experience and immediately found my place at thinking it was pathetic…but then again, sense of humor is relative…and everyone is different.


What this movie did right, at least somewhat, was make this movie a satirical parody. These items represented actual types of individuals, and I’m not entirely sure if its racist or not. Foods that come out of Mexico have Mexican accents, and American foods are American – but it goes really deep into ideas and generic ways of life – furthering the satirical bond it has from the beginning. That being said, satires are also hard to perfect, and if I’m not entertained by their specific sense of humor, then the satire element won’t really affect me either. SNL is the same basic idea, it just has humor that I prefer.  I just found this movie stupid.

Rotten Tomatoes strangely has this film at a higher rating than I understand, and I think I understand why. It’s about the meta and meaningful messages that you can find within the movie if you examine it on an almost educational level. I’m sure if I wrote an essay on it, I could find a lot of connections to the real world that are interesting, but as I sat and watched this, I wasn’t entertained. I found it pathetic and stupid.

RATING: 5/10

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