Review – Bad Moms (2016)


bad-moms-5808b5281cce2Times are changing, and with it, rules are climbing to an all-time high. I see it, you see it, we all see it…and at some point in our lives, we have to ask ourselves when enough is enough. Where is the drawing line between the two extremes of being good vs. being bad? We live in a two-sided system for practically everything in life regardless of the fact that nothing is that simple. In the movie Bad Moms, we are told there is a line thats drawn between the extremes of good and bad parenthood, and the movie decides to tackle that question head on…in an r-rated comedy kind of way.

So Bad Moms is about a ton of moms that “play by the rules” – but when young mom Amy (Mila Kunis) decides enough is enough – there’s simply too many rules these days, she and a small group of women decide to be “bad moms”. In general, they’re tired of societies rules and regulations and they just want to have fun for once. So that’s what they do…have fun.

This film actually faces a very important issue in today’s world. It talks about how society deems you proper and all-around “good” if you follow instructions like a good little girl, but in actuality makes you more and more like a robot. Limitations, regulations, what you can’t feed your kid, what you can’t do or say…basically…theres an unwritten law of how to be a parent and if you do it any differently, you’ll be shunned. This movie tackles that issue really well, but in my opinion…I’m not sure it should have been a comedy. The humor itself wasn’t terrible or dry, but it also wasn’t the funniest material in the world either. In the end, I found that it felt more like they were making fun of a serious issue than respecting and/or changing it.


Because this film wanted to be an r-rated comedy, it went a direction that travels beyond the scope of the premise. They want to be “bad moms” by standing up to “the man” and not following all the rules in parenthood, but they do more than that. Ladies and gentlemen, the so-called bad moms were simply bad citizens, because when they skip work, cause a scene in a grocery story, threaten a security guard for laughs…that’s all actually bad for themselves – moreso than just being bad parents. Sure, it all comes down to the fact that you’re role models and everything, but in my opinion – it should have kept things simple and stuck with actions exclusively connected with parenting.

No, it’s not a bad movie. We have a pretty decent cast that all do a good-enough job, a story that has a good amount of heart at its core, and some laughs that are sure to make a certain audience laugh – but it’s not really perfect either. I’ve seen better comedies this year in general – so if anything – rent this movie and see what you think.

RATING: 6.7/10

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