Review – Se7en (1995)


se7en-5219774f433f0What’s in the box!!!???? – possibly one of the most memorable quotes in movie history. Why? Because I’ve known about it forever, regardless of the fact that I’ve never seen Se7en before. This is a movie that people talk about a lot, so yes, I’ve been spoiled before. However, I didn’t really know the details behind it, and I went with the idea that maybe I was remembering wrong and the specifics were foggy. Plus, I wanted to see what makes people love the rest of the movie because I honestly didn’t love the movie. It was okay. Let’s get into it.

So Se7en stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as two homicide detectives investigating one of the  most notorious serial killer cases of all time. This killer is taking the Seven Deadly Sins found in Dante’s Inferno and is using those as inspiration for his next kill.

This film is so incredibly simple, I’m having a hard time why people find it so awe-inspiring. At its core, it’s really just a dark buddy-cop thriller as these detectives are tracking down a unique serial killer. I mean, you have movies like Zodiac or The Alphabet Killer, or whatever – all of which feature a killer that has a unique style and method of committing murder – and most of these movies are also dark. The one thing that this movie adds is the overall sensation of being a noir-styled film – which sometimes people love. I, on the other hand, hate noirs. I see a noir like a boring ingredient added to an otherwise exciting story. Basically, the story is there. An absolutely intriguing story with interesting characters – drowning in boredom soup.


Furthermore, I feel as if a lot of people place the ending of this film as one of the main reasons why it’s “perfect”. Well, I’ll agree with this much – the climax of the movie is a slow build up that once reached, is riveting. The rest, primarily the first hour and fifteen minutes or so, is painstakingly tedious. While I understood what they were trying to accomplish and respect the route they took, I was about to pull my hair out. I even paused the movie to watch something else before I finished it…that’s how much I was invested in this movie. The ending, by the way – if you’re paying attention to the actual deadly sins, is like a puzzle. If you’re paying close enough attention, nothing about the film will shock you at all.

The one good thing that I’ll say about it is somewhere between the audio and video on a technical level – was unnerving to the core, which is something the film really benefits from, more than twenty years later. I’ll also point out that my dissatisfaction with noir films is a flaw of my own, which is why I won’t let that affect my score too much. Many people love noirs, and if you’re one of them, then Se7en might be the right choice for you. Check it out!

RATING: 7.7/10

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