Review – Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)


halloween-4-the-return-of-michael-myers-571ccebd331a8Now onto the money-grabbing, pointless horror sequels, Bob! Yes, after the uproar of disappointed horror fans complained about the third film, Season of the Witch, the filmmakers decided to scrap the idea of making an anthology series and brought back  Michael Myers in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. In the process, they pretty much destroyed all the good parts about the franchise and turned it into something immensely predictable and typical while introducing endless plot holes simultaneously! Let’s get into it.

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, you learn that it’s backward day in Hollywood. The people you thought were dead are alive and the people you thought survived are in fact…dead. Yes, that’s right, Michael Myers survived being shot multiple times, including getting his eyeballs shot out, and he survived burning alive! You know who else survived getting burnt alive? Detective Loomis, who was in a gassed room that completely exploded. Yeah, okay, Wylee Cayote. For some unknown and unexplained reason, Laurie is now dead and the only remaining member of the Michael Myers family left alive is his niece – Laurie’s daughter. Upon hearing the news, Michael Myers sprung back to life, ignoring the fact that he should be blind, should be dead, and his muscles should be atrophied at this point. Let’s just kill some folks.

At this point in the franchise, we’re supposed to believe that in some way or another, Michael Myers has crossed over into the supernatural realm and evil is the only thing fuelling this body. Okay fine, but it doesn’t really go out of its way to try to explain that, you just have some guess work to do. Instead, it invents a ton of plot holes JUST so the audience can have their favorite villain back on screen. Why? So more people can figure out a different way to kill him, only this time, it’s in more of a coming full-circle type of way.


Now, I can completely respect coming full circle…if this were the last film of the franchise. I can even forgive them reviving the character one last time…if this were the last film of the franchise. However, because it isn’t, you have even more to complain about. Laurie isn’t dead, you know this because she shows up in the final two movies. Which probably means she faked her death to escape the unevitable return of Michael Myers…that’s fine…but look, more plot holes. Why would she fake her own death and leave her completely defenseless young daughter as bait? The facts simply don’t add up.

Yeah, they show the kills a little more clear here than they have before, but again…the kills seem to be awfully random. They are supposed to be kills because they are in his way, and I feel like he goes out of his own way to kill people – going against the entire idea of the original two movies. I’m sorry but I’m sensing a whole lot of negative elements in this movie, which is what I’ve feared before even starting this franchise. Here’s the kicker…I’m not even halfway done. Oh boy.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers was a movie made seemingly just to appease the fans that complained about the third movie. Nothing about it really screams greatness, nor that it was taken seriously. I actually believe this film disrespects the original intent and direction the first two films offered, and all it really is…is a reunion special, bringing back a beloved villain. But when you do that for money, you lose whatever integrity and honor it started out with.

RATING: 4.7/10

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