Review – Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)


gqwn6kxbuo94kaypex3uaueszkdOnto the halfway point in the Halloween franchise, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. This film is a direct sequel to the fourth film, containing all the essential and main characters from the last movie as they further the story of Michael Myers…a story that has long overstayed its welcome, but here we are. Comparing the fourth and fifth film, I can say I like this one better, but not by a large margin. As I review it, I’m going to try to explain why. So, let’s get into it.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers shows how, once again, Michael Myers narrowly escaped what everyone in the audience already assumed was his actual death. It actually made sense too, because the newly introduced Jamie could have, and maybe should have, taken over his identity. The fourth movie ended coming full circle and teased the idea that Jamie may, in fact, be just as evil as Michael was as a child – but when you watch this movie, you realize that isn’t the case. After Michael survives the ordeal, he goes into a coma for a year, waking up at surprise, surprise, Halloween time…where he…stalks Jamie again. Only this time, she has a psychic link to him for some reason.

As I’ve mentioned, I like this movie more than the fourth…but why? On a completely technical side of things, the fourth  movie may make a little more sense – but I believe the introduction to the characters was silly, the murders were more random, and I felt like it was just a money-grabbing sequel that really made no sense as to why it existed. In general, I feel like it existed in order for this movie to exist (in a similar way, I feel the same applies to the first two films in the series, so it’s appropriate). This film is unique, as horror film sequels should be. It changes things up and gives the little girl a psychic link to Michael Myers.


Why would a psychic link be a good thing in this series that is otherwise grounded in reality? Because it’s not grounded in reality. It never was. Since the beginning, the audience has had to accept the idea that there is something supernatural about Michael Myers – but it never expressively told the audience that…they’ve only said that he’s evil. This psychic link all but proves that theory, which again, grounds the franchise back to a discernment of reality – well, something that makes more sense anyway. Now we can sit back and say that there is something supernatural at work here.

That being said, Halloween 5 is still a pointless film in a money-grabbing horror franchise. Loomis is losing his mind, and not in a good acting way. He’s loony and makes the movie just a little more laughable, which is sad, considering the fact that he was one of the best actors in the first movie. The rest of the cast is just average at their abilities to act, and in the end, the movie doesn’t seem all that special. I just think it’s slightly better than the fourth.

Five more Halloween movies to go. Do you guys think I’ll make it?! We’ll see.

RATING: 5.3/10

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