Review – Jason Bourne (2016)


untitled-bourne-5-56bdfc084d40cNearly 15 years after the first film, Jason Bourne makes his return in the “brilliantly” titled…Jason Bourne. If this was following the book titles, this movie would be called The Bourne Betrayal, which isn’t that terrible of a title, but it would work in a sense. Instead, they decided to just call it his name. So it wasn’t the best plan to title it how they did – the real question was if this movie is any good or really any necessary. By this point, the original trilogy told a distinctive story and Bourne Legacy theoretically began a new saga…so what is this one all about? Let’s get into it.

After discovering his true identity, Jason Bourne (aka David Webb) has disappeared and taken up the joyous life of underground boxing matches. He’s pulled back into the world that he hates when Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) hacks into the CIA database and unearths some interesting data about Bourne’s birth father, and what role he played in the creation of the black ops programs Bourne has been trying to dismantle. So in general, this time it’s personal! As if it weren’t already.

First things first – was this movie necessary? I’ll be blunt and say no, probably not. It’s really awesome to see Matt Damon back in the role of Jason Bourne and everything, but the importance of this film’s concept wasn’t big enough for me. It’s about his dad, and what he learns is indeed important backstory that furthers his identity, but does he have to go as far as he does when he learns about it? Not really. The other movies were about exposing the criminal backbone of the government as well as discovering who he was – and at most, this movie is just more of the same, extending what audiences have already accepted as final. Like I said, the only “new” thing unearthed was the info about the father, and it just wasn’t enough for me to warrant an entire movie.


However, it was fun, and I did like the characters. Tommy Lee Jones seems to fit in perfectly in this type of movie and that type of role – so I welcomed it. I also welcomed Alicia Vikander, who played Agent Heather Lee – someone who sympathizes with Bourne and helps him out in a similar way Stiles did in earlier films. Then, of course, you have Matt Daman, Jason Bourne himself, who with or without a solid plot, delivers an exceptional performance. These characters and these exciting action sequences help make this movie a decent experience and helps you forget that the writing might not be all there – as it has been in the previous films.

Jason Bourne is an interesting film. You watch it because you love Matt Damon in this role, and he jumps back into character for a fourth time. However, the original trilogy was crafted in an intricate web of government conspiracies and hard-to-read and mysterious characters. In this film, it bases almost everything on a single revelation about Jason Bourne’s dad, which makes things personal enough, but you might ask yourself if it was enough for a feature film, or if it was more or less…just more of the same. Unfortunately, I think it was the latter. It’s still fun, nevertheless. Check it out!

RATING: 7.9/10

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