The 4th Annual DEMMY Awards |2016|

What a year 2016 was. *phew, glad that’s over*. Now to be fair, I haven’t seen as many movies as I’m used to every year, so bear in mind I have yet to see some major movies, such as Arrival, La La Land, Moonlight, Max Steel, The Nice Guys, Moana, Fantastic Beasts, Pete’s Dragon, Passengers, Sully, or The Accountant. So would I say these awards are absolute? Not at all, but I’d rather not post this at the end of 2017 in order for it to be either! So you get what you get! You get it! Good.

Best Actor of 2016

best-actorFirst up is Best actor award! Given I’ve seen this guy in a million things and think he’s a really great actor in general, it’s no surprise that I have Benedict Cumberbatch as the best actor of 2016. But to be specific, he was in Doctor Strange and Sherlock: The Abominable Bride if you’ll count it. Both of which were pretty great all around. I have no qualms giving Benedict an award here. Congratulations!

Best Actress of 2016

best-actressNext up was best actress, and I didn’t have as easy as a job this time around, because females weren’t as prevalent in film as they were, perhaps, in 2015. I could say Felicity Jones, as she was in both Inferno and Rogue One, but to be honest, she isn’t the greatest actress in the world either…she’s rather so so. She didn’t convey what I would relate to excellent acting, per se. Instead, I’ll give this to Blake Lively for her performance in The Shallows. I had a heck of a fun time watching that movie, and given how similar it is to Cast Away, in that she doesn’t say too much, she needs to use her expressions and pure ability to act in order to pull it out, and she did just that. Congratulations!

Best Director of 2016

best-directorUp next is the best Director of 2016. Now to be honest and fair. Directing is hardly something I care to focus on unless the director is incredibly well known or did an exceptional job at – specifically – directing, which can be a difficult job to perceive sometimes. I chose Scott Derrickson because he directed Doctor Strange, yes, but only he could have done it in such an incredible way. There were absolutely captivating elements in this film completely contributed to its direction. Another close bet would have been Gareth Edwards for his direction of Rogue One, but between the two, I think the actual direction was a bit more solid in Doctor Strange. 

Most Enjoyable Movie of 2016

most-enjoyableOnce again, we have a toss up between Doctor Strange and Rogue One, both are incredibly enjoyable, and both have the same rating of 9.4/10. This time, I decided to go with Rogue One, because it surprised me. I thought it would be good, but I never expected what it gave me, which is probably the freshest Star Wars story I’ve ever seen, which is a huge breath of fresh air. Each trilogy seems to mirror each other in a weird way. Even The Force Awakens mirrors A New Hope pretty similarly, but Rogue One presented a new idea while keeping a few favorites too…it was a perfectly balanced and instantly classic Star Wars film that made me remember why I love the series.

Most Disappointing Movie of 2016

most-disappointingOh boy. As usual, we have our most disappointing movie of the year, which was without a doubt, Blair Witch. Why is it disappointing? Quite specifically, it’s the first real and direct sequel to The Blair Witch Project since the original came out on VHS tape in the ’90s. That was a very successful and smart movie that really introduced the popularity of the found footage genre. I wanted something good that adds to the story…but it doesn’t. It subtracts because there is no love of the art, there is no devotion, there is nothing here but the same old movie tropes found in generic found footage films. Plus, I’ve seen better generic found footage films, and that’s saying something!

Most Surprisingly Good Movie of 2016

most-surprisingly-goodI wanted to be able to add X-Men: Apocalypse into my awards somewhere because it was actually a good movie. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s as good as most of the other X-Men films, but really something. I’ve been wanting to watch it a second time for a while, but I’ve never gotten the chance. It’s surprisingly good because the trailers looked flashy and dull, something the series has never really been (in my opinion). When I watched it, I kind of loved it. It was far from perfect, but I definitely had a blast watching it.

Best Adaptation of 2016

best-adaptationFor this category, it was between The BFG and The Girl on the Train. I chose The BFG because that’s really the only movie out of the two that I read and can actually compare enough to say it did a wonderful job recreating the magic and innocence that the book did, plus it remained true to the source material. At the same time, The Girl on the Train was dark and mysterious, and I did actually like it somewhat, but again, The BFG was a better movie all around. So if you haven’t seen this one, check it out, it’s well worth it.

Worst Adaptation of 2016

worst-adaptationAs for the Worst Adaptation of 2016, I had to go with Me Before You. That’s not to say it’s the worst movie in the world, it’s not…it’s just my lowest rated adaptation of 2016. I have certain reasons to believe the movie could have been better, because a part of me thinks the entire movie was pointless altogether, which doesn’t help matters. All around, the adaptations this year weren’t actually that bad.

Best Sequel of 2016

best-sequelNow, this category should go without explanation. The best sequel of the year was clearly Captain America: Civil War. This film had everything. The first time you watch it, it may feel slightly convoluted, but the more you watch it, the more fun you have all around. Not only that, but it introduced a few questions moving forward in the MCU from this point out, making the sequel not only fun but important. If you haven’t seen this movie, do it!

Worst Sequel of 2016

worst-sequelMmkay. I almost went with Blair Witch again, but that’s more of a reboot than an actual sequel in my opinion. Ice Age: Collision Course is a film that…no one ever wanted. No one ever asked for, and it shows. It isn’t funny, it lacks any real point, Scrat is in outer space, the dinos are underground, and….I’m sorry, but this entire movie was garbage. It shouldn’t have ever existed to begin with. Go home, Ice Age, you’re drunk. Oh yeah, and never return!

Best Visuals of 2016

best-visualsThis one is obvious to me. Doctor Strange had the best visuals from beginning to end, and if you saw it in 3D, then you can double that statement, and then some. I haven’t felt so pulled into a movie (in such a literal meaning) for a long time, and this movie actually felt like it pulled you in and didn’t let you go until the credits began to roll. Visuals were insane for this movie, just insane. Because of the visuals alone, I can almost call Doctor Strange my favorite MCU film.

Favorite Action Movie of 2016

favorite-actionFor the favorite action movie of the year, I chose Captain America: Civil War. I don’t think any other film qualifies for the best action, seeing how Captain America seemed to have the most action that ever happened in a movie all at once. Action isn’t everything, and I do understand that, but the action in this film was backed up by a decent story, good acting by an impressive cast, and the perfect amount of visuals to act as a sort of glue that keeps everything knitted nice and tight. There’s no question about it – Captain America: Civil War was the best action movie of the year.

Favorite Animated Movie of 2016

favorite-animatedThe best animated film came down to The BFG, Zootopia and Finding Dory. All were pretty decent, but I believe Zootopia wins overall. Better story, better animation, better world, all wrapped in a nice cocoon of instant nostalgia. Overall this was the movie that actually surprised me the most – and one I think kids will remember the most out of any animated film in 2016. Unlike The Secret Life of Pets, which I think was the absolute worst animated film of the year. I almost chose The BFG, 

Favorite Drama Movie of 2016

favorite-dramaYear after year, I notice a common trend. I don’t see very many drama films, but the ones that I do choose to watch, are really rather great. Snowden won my drama category, but it could have easily gone in another category like thriller as well…but I don’t think it quite matches that as well as it does drama. This movie is fantastic. We’ve seen a ton of movies that present the same idea for years, but the way this movie did it was brilliant…because it was real life, and it was presented as such. Insanity, this movie is terrifyingly insane. But really good. Check it out!

Favorite Comedy Movie of 2016

favorite-comedyThe award for my favorite comedy came down to Central Intelligence and How to be Single, and I’ll tell you why Central Intelligence won. Technically speaking, How to be Single made me laugh more than any other comedy this year, but because the movie basically had no real plot, I found it rather pointless and ultimately forgettable. Central Intelligence was interesting because it did have a very solid plot and direction – but not as many laughs. That being said, I did laugh in some parts. I just consider plot direction too important to ignore. So that’s how I came up with my winner!

Favorite Sci-Fi Movie of 2016

favorite-sci-fiCome on…did you ever doubt I would pick Rogue One as my favorite Sci-Fi movie of the year? To be fair, I haven’t seen the other major ones listed above, so I can’t say with certainty if this is really my favorite or not, but I can say I’m pretty sure it probably is’s Star Wars! Star Wars basically defined what Sci-Fi even is (in my opinion).  Had you asked me what I thought my favorite Sci-Fi film would be for 2016 a year ago, I might not be sure, given the nature of a standalone Star Wars spinoff, but going into 2017, we have a continuance of the original Star Wars episodic storyline, so I’ll be surprised if it isn’t that movie next year.

Favorite Thriller Movie of 2016

favorite-thrillerThis one took me by surprise. It took a lot of people by surprise if I remember correctly. There’s a lot of mixed reviews when it came to found-footage film Cloverfield, but everyone and their dog seemed to love 10 Cloverfield Lane, and for good reason. I love both films, but I have to say, this sequel outdid the original by a lot, and for me, that’s serious praise. So, as far as thrillers go for 2016, it’s 10 Cloverfield Lane that wins. Every time. Check that movie out!

Favorite Horror Movie of 2016

favorite-horrorEveryone loves a good fright, and everyone knows a good fright is hard to come by for film. I’m not easily scared, before The Conjuring 2, only one other movie actually scared me, and that wasn’t the first movie, it was Paranormal Activity. That’s it. I’ve seen good horror films and bad, but the actual scare factor itself is almost always missing. So as far as that goes, The Conjuring 2 is now my…second all-time scariest movies that I’ve ever seen? I don’t know, I’ll have to eventually compare the two to make a definitive choice. This movie was excellent, I must say.

Superhero of the Year Award

superheroKeeping up with traditions, I’ve decided another superhero of the year. Another toss-up. This time, between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Given how little of screen time the former has, I’ve gone with Doctor Strange. That film was just so weird, so strange, and so epic…it would feel wrong not to include it for the Superhero of the Year award. Congratulations, Dr. Stephen Strange, you earned it!

Most Anticipated of 2017

most-anticipatedThis was the singlehandedly most difficult choice to make in this year’s Demmy awards. There’s just so many films coming out in 2017, Logan, Star Wars, War for the Planet of the Apes, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Alien: Covenant, Pirates of the Caribbean…the list goes on and on, and they are all greatly anticpated movies…so here’s what I did. I chose the one film that wasn’t only anticipated, but also….interesting. Spider-Man: Homecoming is an unknown. It’s anticipated, but no one really knows how they’re going to spin it with the new actor. He only showed up for like five minutes in Captain America: Civil War, so again…it could technically be horrible. But he has the most interesting and up-in-the-air film of the year, which actually makes the anticipation even higher for me…we’ll see!

Worst Picture of 2016 – Blair Witch

worst-pictureAh yes, Blair Witch makes its triumphant return…to the worst movie of the year. It’s the most disappointing and horrifically put-together film that makes you want to run to the real woods to hang out with the killer witch…than to watch any more of this movie…and you’ll feel like that rather early on when watching this film. That’s such a shame because I praised the original like crazy. I never thought this would be as good, but I thought it’d at least be okay! Not so, this is absolutely atrocious.

Best Picture of 2016

best-pictureFinally, the best film of the year. Coming back for it’s fifth award is Doctor Strange! It was once again heading up against Star Wars for this final award, but Doctor Strange was put together slightly better, there were better visuals, possibly better characters, better 3D, that’s for sure. Everything about this movie is only slightly better than Star Wars, which is why they both got the same score, but it’s those slight differences that made a difference and won them this award. Congratulations, Doctor Strange, you are the best film of 2016.

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