Review – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)


resident-evil-the-final-chapter-5854947dda7f5Ladies and gentlemen, here you have it – the first 2017 film I have seen so far. I was making a wager with myself with which one I’d end up watching first. Now, call me crazy all you want, but I’m actually a pretty big fan of this movie series, and I really wanted to be the first one at the theater when this one came out. It didn’t turn out that way, but thankfully, I haven’t heard too much about what happens. I was curious as to how they’d end the movie series. It’s a bittersweet moment, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – a TV show is going to come out. YES. Anyway, how was Resident Evil: The Final Chapter? Let’s get into it.

Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead. Now, she must return to where the nightmare began – The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse. Written by Screen Gems / Constantin (IMDb)


This category is all about the people in the film. This covers their acting ability, if the characters themselves are any good, if they work well together as a team, if they are deeper or flatter as characters, and if the casting director even did their job right. These are all very important issues to consider while reviewing film.
  1.  Acting:
    • First up is acting, and as far as this series is concerned, it’s never really had the best acting. A lot of action, comedy, and horror films don’t always focus on the acting because they just want to get into things. I’ve always like Milla Jovovich. I don’t think her acting was incredible, but it’s unique. You know it’s her in pretty much everything she’s in, so that’s cool…but as far as acting overall. Nothing special here. One star.
  2.  Characters: ★☆
    • Next up is characters, which is touch and go for this series. There’s sometimes awesome characters, sometimes mediocre. I have to say that unfortunately for the final film, most of the characters in this are indeed mediocre. Claire was in there, but her role was more of a sidenote. So again, only one star.
  3. Good Casting: ★☆
    • Casting is next. Apart from two characters (Alice and Wesker), who I think are perfectly cast, I’m pretty sure everyone else could be replaced. One star.
  4.  Good Importance: ★☆
    • This series had had pretty decent importance for its characters before, but not so much here. The main bad guys have an okay level of importance, but when it came to the heroes, it was all pretty much in Alice’s hands. Everyone else around her was basically a side show. One star.
  5.  Good chemistry: ★☆
    • Eh, it’s not really a chemistry kind of movie. Nothing terrible, nothing noticeably bad or good…so I guess it’s one star.

Subtotal: 5/10


This category obviously covers the writing aspect of the critique. First, you want to know a little bit about the script. Specifically, how is the dialogue? Are they saying anything memorable or inspirational…or was it just a bland conversation to keep the story going? How was the story itself? Was it well-balanced or over-convoluted? Was it original? Was it even interesting? Once again, all very important questions
  1.  Dialogue: ★★
    • Up next is dialogue. I’ve always liked Alice talking about what’s been going on and narrating the series. That’s mainly why I gave this two stars. However, it probably is closer to one star for everyone else. Two stars.
  2.  Good Balance: ★★
    • To be fair, this movie is probably one of the most balanced out of the saga. It’s got a plot so simple it’s hard not to see this as a balanced story. Two stars.
  3.  Good Story: ★☆
    • Alright, the story isn’t that great. It’s a search for a McGuffin, a McGuffin that has no lead-up or reason to exist based on all the other freaking movies. It feels like a really cheap cop out to end the series on. But as a story, it’s just in search of some thingy ma jig. One star. For others, this may be zero, but a really basic story is still a story to me.
  4.  Originality: ☆☆
    • Honestly, there’s no originality left for the series. Maybe that’s why they decided to end it. Maybe that’s why the story was so basic and kinda weak…there’s really not much more to add to it. So, zero stars.
  5.  Interesting: ★★
    • It’s the final movie in a long-running film series that I’m actually a fan of, you don’t think that’s interesting? Two stars.

Subtotal: 12/20


Never forget that there are hard-working individuals working on this film day in and day out. It’s a great story, yes, but people helped make that possible. People like the directors, who have to take written word on a script, and somehow translate that for the big screen in a way an audience would understand. Editors, who are given a ton of material and expected to further make that idea and image the director has already – into a reality, like the director of photography, whose job is to make this movie look amazing…whether that means natural settings and landscapes, CGI, 3D, technical effects, or otherwise. The production crew, who are in charge of making advertisements that aren’t false, and don’t give too much away. Finally, the sound crew, who are in charge of everything the audio has – sound effects, sound editing, music, you name it. These are all puzzle pieces.
  1. Visuals: ★★
    • Next up in the subcategories is visuals. This is something the series has almost been great at. There’s a lot of creative visuals going on here that are as stunning as they are exciting. Even when it came to just normal action sequences, it it pleasant to the eyes to watch. Two stars.
  2.  Directing: ★★
    • The director had a lot on his plate for this one in order for it to look great. You have to understand that the plot might be weak, but the director made it look stronger than it was by doing what he did. They had a good eye for exciting moments. So for this, I’ll give the director two stars.
  3.  Editing: ★★
    • Yes, it also had some good editing, because I’ve been reviewing a few action films and a huge issue with closeups when filing those action sequences, and the editor didn’t help things because they did quick edits…so you really had no idea what was happening. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter actually did a pretty awesome job with both of those aspects. The editor made sure everything looked smooth and that everyone knew what was happening at all times. Two stars.
  4.  Advertisement: ★★
    • As far as I could tell, it was as advertised, so I’ll give it two stars.
  5.  Music: ★☆
    • The music was basic, nothing really to note here, unfortunately. One star.

Subtotal: 21/30


Have you ever been left wondering what it was about a film that felt…off, but you couldn’t place what it was? Well, a lot of people actually aren’t educated on the traditional narrative arc structure – which is seen in almost every movie or book story. With a missing piece, you might not understand what feels missing.
  1.  Introduction: ★☆
    • These movies always insist on starting things immediately after the end of the other one, and that’s a problem because there’s no real time for an introduction. Alice makes a quick recap of the other films, but that’s your only introduction. One star.
  2.  Inciting Incident/Crossing the Threshold: ★★
    • Alright, this happens when the red queen tells Alice that there are only 4,000 some odd number of people left alive in the world, and they will all die in a couple of days if she doesn’t use an antivirus that apparently exists in the hive. So, she has to return in order to save the world. That’s the idea, anyway.
  3.  Obstacles: ★★
    • Flying zombies, walking zombies, and of course, the mutant humans that have an end goal. It’s an action movie with a lot of obstacles. There you go.
  4.  Epiphany/Climax: ★★
    • All of the films in this saga have come up to this point, so of course, there’s some epic ending with explosions and gunfire galore. Two stars.
  5.  Falling Action: ★☆
    • There’s…a little bit of some falling action, but it’s really quick and not given nearly enough focus to be much more. One star.

Subtotal: 29/40


Here’s something most critics overlook because they’re always so keyed in on critiquing the technical elements of a film. Well, that may be statistically accurate, but the numbers that are released aren’t always reflective of what we enjoyed about it…which is when we say the movie was under-appreciated or whatever. This category focuses on pure entertainment.
  1.  Rewatchability: ★★
    • People may disagree with me on this one, but I own the rest of the movies, and I plan to watch them all multiple times throughout the new few years/decades. The final movie is no different. I’d watch it again, yes.
  2.  Fun: ★★
    • Fun? For the most part, the movie is insane. Two stars.
  3.  Impulse to buy it: ★☆
    • I will buy it because I own the rest of the franchise, and it’d be wrong not to get the last one. That being said, the movie in general really didn’t give me an impulse to buy it. One star.
  4.  Impulse to talk to someone about it: ☆☆
    • Not really, no.
  5.  Sucks the audience in: ★★
    • It sucked me in from the first film on, and the same goes here…but you may disagree with me. Two stars.

Subtotal: 36/50



These are special questions written by you before seeing the movie, based on expectations, questions, stereotypes, you name it. If it’s a Tom Cruise movie, have Cruise-isms, if it’s a horror film, ask how scary it is, if it’s a sequel, ask if it fits in with the universe or if it was even needed to begin with, you catch the drift.

Resident Evil Universe


The first specialty question comes in the form of the Resident Evil Universe. Does it fit in, does it add something new, etc? It totally fits in with the universe, as well as adds something new. It’s not as big of a new thing, but nonetheless, enough to give this category 10 stars.



The next thing you’ll ask yourself is…how about the action? This series has always done a pretty good job with action, specifically, and I was hoping they still had a little oomph left for the final movie, and they definitely did. There’s a few sequences in here that will be remembered as the sequences done in the last film, and that’s pretty good. Ten stars.

New Zombies


The next thing I’d expect to find out of this movie are some new types of zombies/creatures. Each movie introduced us to something new, just like the games always did, and this movie did as well. There were a couple of scenes in the film with a giant flying zombie and a monstrous ogre like zombie…but those were short scenes in the long run, as the film focused on the story of retrieving the antivirus. So, because the focus wasn’t completely where it should’a been, I’ll give this five stars.




This is the last movie in the series, so I’m expecting to find some kind of closure, some kind of finality that won’t really have me asking for more, but instead be glad I got to experience what I did. Well, it’s all about an antivirus that if found and released, kills everything with the T-virus, and if not used, everything living will die. It really came down to those two possibilities, both of which would result in finality. Ten stars.



Was it halfway decent? Yeah, I mean…if anything could have used some help, it’d proably be the story and characters, but for what they had already, it wasn’t terrible and it still met all of my expectations. Ten stars.

RATING: 81/100

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