TV Tuesday – Girlboss (2017)


girlboss-58ec1f4fa4c8aI am not really a guy that’s into fashion. I think it’s ultra-materialistic and unnecessary, but then again, I am a guy. Regardless, I think it’s important to point out that some fashion-focused TV shows and movies do have a particular strength about them. Actually, they usually have a little something extra that keeps my focus. The same can be said about Netflix’s newest series, Girlboss. It took me a little more than a day to marathon this. That being said, I did marathon it, which is an accomplishment for any TV show. So, what’s it about?

Girlboss is a TV show that chronicles the life of Sofia Amoruso, a young woman that has a dream to never grow up because being an adult sucks the dream out of life. There’s just one problem, Sofia doesn’t even have a dream as is. She’s angsty with an attitude, and never really takes anything seriously. She’ll lie and steal and do whatever she wants because why not? It clicks for her when she discovers her true passion, buying cheap vintage clothes locally and re-selling them for a huge profit. She calls her store NastyGal on eBay. It is a true story, so somehow, she goes from being incredibly down on her luck…to owning a very profitable business that we can all head to today.


Alright, so let’s talk about why this isn’t just a fashion-friendly TV show. This is more about characters than it is about anything else. When thrown into the wrong circumstances, it’s not great. Sofia is basically a wild animal that does as she pleases, but when it comes to passion, she thrives and has a purpose. It’s not that simple though. Her relationships with everyone ultimately guide her in either positive or negative paths…you know…like life? Her relationships in this show are ultimately believable and anyone watching can connect with on a personal level…yet comedic sometimes, because the way they are displayed in the TV show. Like when they use the internet to chat, the show created a real “chat” room with people sitting in a circle talking to each other. They say emotion is lost in text…well…this exposes the truth in that.

I’m not usually a fan of true story stuff either, even if they joke around and say it’s jokingly loosely-based, but this isn’t bad, particularly because of the characters. That being said, I really don’t see it having a second season. Why would it? This entire season revolves around one woman’s story from beginning to end. There isn’t anything after the end, making this a mini-series…which I guess is fine, I just prefer mini-series to be different than regular shows…like fewer episodes and some kind of advertisement that actually says mini-series. That’s just a small complaint, though.

All-in-all, it’s a good Netflix show, but not the best. It’s not even the funniest or anything. It’s a very basic Netflix show that keeps your interest well enough. Solid story, great characters, interesting enough. Check it out!

Top 3 Episodes  of the Week:

  1. Bates Motel (Series Finale)
    • Definitely pretty amazing and bittersweet seeing everything come to a close. I think a few wrong decisions were made in this final season, but I’m still glad they kept things original and creative…I just wish they did “that scene”…which they sort of did, sort of didn’t, and then everything after that was sort of strange.
  2. Doctor Who (as always)
  3. Prison Break
    • Prison Break is always good, but this one was pretty strong in general. I’ve always been complaining that there hasn’t been enough Michael Scofield, but I realize it’s not about escaping prison…that’s only one aspect of it. It’s about escaping ISIS (basically) and the country that they are in. This particular episode was pretty phenomenal.

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