The Best of Horror TV (TV Tuesday)

Horror Week

Horror Week #2: The Best of Horror TV

Welcome to day two of my horror week special. The genre for horror isn’t just geared for film, as you know, there are plenty of horror-themed TV shows as well…most of which, I’ve actually seen. So, I wanted to take a second to list the Top 15 Horror TV shows of all time…that I can recall, of course. There are a few shows that I haven’t seen, like Tales from the Crypt…so my list won’t be absolutely perfect, but it should be pretty decent.

15. Outcast


Outcast is at the bottom, because one, I never finished it, and two…it didn’t fully hold up. The beginning of this exorcist show was movie-quality and pretty creepy. That first episode was so good, I decided to watch the rest, but every episode after it turned into something remarkable episodic. Each episode felt exactly like the last, and never as good as the pilot, so that’s why this takes its place as #15.  I still think it has some potential, though.

14. The River


The River is next. This short-lived horror TV show was created by the same people responsible for Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring, and Insidious – and the show itself was found-footage. It had a really good concept, but it was so short-lived, and never lived up to its potential. So, I often see it as forgettable, unfortunately. That being said, this show remains to be a cult hit that people want to see revived. If you haven’t seen this one, check it out. You’ll see how it definitely had some potential.

13. The Exorcist


Next up is the TV adaption of The Exorcist, or should I say sequel? Yes, while this feels like a reboot, it is indeed a sequel to the original film/book of the same title. That in itself was pretty awesome, and a lot of this show, especially that pilot, felt like a legit horror film. Throughout the show, there were some really creepy things that constantly braved the line they had to stay behind…which was always amazing of the show. My main complaint about it was that it was too long. The story needed to be prolonged to fill the season, and because of that, the pace feels a bit wrong.

12. Supernatural


Supernatural is next. Now, when this show began, it had a really good idea of where it was headed. It was simpler times back then, and they had better stories, better comedy, and story arcs. It’s really touch-and-go now, as the show’s been on for 12 years now. Sometimes, they have really good seasonal villains, and sometimes they really don’t. Right now, it’s rather dull for the most part…but it CAN still be good.

11. Scream: The TV Series


Scream: The TV Series, based on the movie series, is an interesting show. They get a lot of the same ideas across, especially making fun of TV shows based off of horror films, but the seriousness of it all is really tame. The idea behind the movies, other than making fun of horror films, was that nobody is safe. Literally, anybody and everybody might actually die. It’s pretty much guaranteed that a main character or two will die on a season of the show, but you want more people. Yes, the mystery of who’s doing it is always interesting, but actual death scenes are good, and there needs to be more.

10. Fear the Walking Dead


It’s onto the Top 10 Horror Shows, starting with Fear the Walking Dead. Let’s be honest, this is no Walking Dead, but it does have its moments. Clearly, the biggest issue this show has is the characters…I just don’t care about them. If they decide to kill someone off, it’s usually someone you’ve actually started to like a little, which sinks you back into that “this show stinks” mood. In all actuality, it has some interesting aspects of the zombie apocalypse that they just can’t do on the other show, due to location, due to the time of the apocalypse.  It’s okay.

09. Santa Clarita Diet

santa-clarita-diet-588cfc24b8bec - Edited.png

Now, Santa Clarita Diet I’ve really been enjoying. There’s currently one season of it available now on Netflix, but the first thing you’ll realize is…this is more comedy than horror, but it does have it’s overly gory scenes as well, which can be considered horror. That and, well, zombies are a clear horror category. This show is worth the watch, in my opinion. It’s ridiculous, but it’s funny and it has some good characters.

08. Angel


For me, Angel is really nostalgic, but never lived up to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but what it did have are some really creative stories and characters. I wouldn’t necessarily really call this horror…but I’m not sure what else to call it, either. There’s a bunch of monsters and scary things walking around, which sounds like a horror. I have the series collection for this show, but it’s mostly a love-hate relationship with fans.

07. American Horror Story


Of course, I’d have AHS on here, but the reason it’s not higher is because the last few seasons have gotten weird. The first two seasons, maybe even the third, were all pretty fantastic. The rest have just been strange. That being said, I was a fan of the most recent season, behind found-footage and everything. That being said, it’s not a perfect show. I feel like it used to be, but some seasons in their entirety are just a battle to watch, which is the main reason it got kicked down to 7. Can it be better? Always, I’m always anticipating something awesome…it just takes patience sometimes.

06. Hannibal


Number six is Hannibal, a show I really need to finish. I’ve only seen the first two seasons, and I really want to see the third, as it chronicles the first actual Hannibal story that you find in the books. Until then, I can’t really say where this fits in on this list, but six is a pretty solid guess.

05. The X-Files


Onto the TOP 5 for Horror TV Shows, starting with the legendary X-Files. This show, I binged on in anticipation for the limited series that was brought back (and is coming back again soon!). This show really has it all. You name a monster, the show probably had a version of it somewhere, and of course, the alien storyline is always fascinating enough to watch an entire season just to watch those episodes. Fantastic show.

04. True Blood


Number 4 is True Blood. True Blood was one of HBO’s biggest hits before Game of Thrones showed up. This was probably the best vampire romance series of all time (and there is a lot). This show was gruesome, it was captivating, it was scary at times, and it always kept you on the edge of your seat.

03. Bates Motel


Now we’re at the TOP 3, starting off with the show based off of Psycho, Bates Motel. This is a modern take on the tale, starting with the death of Norman’s father and chronicling his life with mother before the bad things start happening. You can tell from the get-go that things weren’t entirely right…which is also around the time when Norman’s blackouts begin to occur, and what that means for hiss future. Great show, I’ll talk more about it in a few weeks, when I review all the Psycho movies.

02. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Man, oh, man. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the best shows that ever aired period, but yes, it’s one of the best horror TV shows. You might not consider it horror, but it is, and what makes you want to see more are the characters. Thank God for Joss Whedon, who knows exactly how to create really diverse and lovable characters. This is clearly his best work on TV (in my opinion), and it’s a show you can rewatch so many times.

01. The Walking Dead


Now, it’s time for the best horror show of all time, of course, it’s The Walking Dead!  Woo-wee. Why is this the best horror show? It’s epic, it’s unforgiving, it’ll kill anyone, no matter how much the audience loves them, it’ll betray you, and it’ll twist and contort everything you knew about the characters and the show in every season. You never know what’s going on here, never. This is one of those shows where you can be sitting there with your hand over your mouth and not even realize it…you can’t stop watching.

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