Review – Fist Fight (2017)


fist-fight-5898f34e83d3aI haven’t seen a ton of comedies this year, mostly because there really hasn’t been a ton to watch. That being said, when I saw the trailers to Fist Fight, I thought it looked pretty interesting. I already love Charlie Day in pretty much everything I see him in, and Ice Cube sometimes has his moments, but the concept of the film – two teachers having a fist fight outside of school, was as funny as it is ridiculous. We all know what comedies often do, though. They often show the funniest material during the trailers. Do they do that here? Actually, I don’t think they did. Let’s get into it.

Alright, so this film mostly centers on two teachers that couldn’t be more of polar opposites. Charlie Day’s character just sort of lets things slide and gives his students free periods, while Ice Cube is one scary dude who isn’t afraid to tell everyone that actions have consequences, that we’re being too loose with everything, focusing more on money and business than what’s in the best interest of the children…so that’s why they are going nuts. When Charlie Day’s character turns Ice Cube’s character in for chopping a student’s desk into pieces with a fire axe, Ice Cube challenges little Charlie Day to fight him after school.

My biggest concern about this movie is if it was as funny as the trailers signified. While I think a lot of people will probably disagree with me on this, I still found it pretty hysterical in parts. I’ll talk more about what I thought about the comedy when I break the movie down for the review, but in general…that was the main point of the film, to mostly just be funny, and I think it achieved its goal for that. The characters definitely help in regards to the humor, as well. However, I think we need to break this thing down and get into the nitty gritty, what do you think?


Acting – 1|Characters – 2|Casting – 2|Importance – 1|Chemistry – 1

Alright, first, let’s talk about the people in this movie. I believe the characters were memorable, and I don’t think anyone else could’ve really done the characters justice other than the current cast, but the acting was subpar. That’s to be expected though, considering the fact that this is indeed a comedy, so acting isn’t important…but their importance in adding to the plot is important, and the only people important in this film really is Charlie Day and Ice Cube. Even though the two main players here are important, no one really has the best chemistry, they just focused primarily on humor…so this is a slightly flawed category.

Dialogue – 1|Balanced – 1|Story – 1|Originality – 1|Interesting – 2

Even more flawed is probably the writing, in which nothing really stands out. It’s an interesting-enough concept, but none of the dialogue is memorable, it’s a little convoluted regarding the pacing, etc. While the story has some important elements regarding consequences, it’s only a placeholder for the story to make any sense. It’s not all that original, either…so…another flawed category.

BTS SCORE – 7/10
Visuals – 1|Directing – 1|Editing – 2|Advertisement – 2|Music – 1

Next up is the behind-the-scenes score, which does slightly better. The main things that stick out are probably the fact that this was as-advertised and the editor did a pretty good job when it came to the fighting primarily, but they also did decent throughout the film. The visuals are typical, nothing noticeable there, the director had an easy job, and the music was not memorable. It was what it was.

Introduction – 2|Inciting Incident – 2|Obstacles – 2|Climax – 2|Falling Action – 1

When it comes to the narrative arc, this film mostly followed suit and it was business-as-usual, which actually helped it. The introduction introduced us to the main players and what’s going on in the school that leads up to the – inciting incident – when Charlie Day is challenged to a fist fight, which leads to the – obstacles – of trying to find any loop holes to avoid the oncomming fight, which leads to the – climax – which you could probably guess what that is, which leads to the – falling action, which isn’t much, but you get a good enough idea as to what’s going on and what the new norm is.

Rewatchability – 2|Fun – 2|Impulse/Buy – 0|Impusle/Talk – 0|Sucks Audience IN – 1

As far as how entertaining it is, I would consider this a fun little film that’s I would definitely rewatch. It sucks the audience in when it needs to, but nothing extraordinary. That being said, I have no need to talk about this with anyone nor buy it…even it if is cheap. It’s just not that type of film. Take that as you will.

Comedy – 10|Fight – 10|Charlie Day – 10|Ice Cube – 5|Halfway Decent – 10

Alright, now for the specialty questions written before watching anything. First off, this is a comedy, so how was the comedy? Like I said before, the comedy was pretty hysterical at times, so I definitely gave that full points. How about this supposed fight? Was it fun, epic, lame, what? I will say that when it came to that point, I was satisfied with the outcome, so full points there. I am a fan of both Charlie Day and Ice Cube, so as far as their filmography is concerned, how was this? Well, I will say this was a pretty great movie for Charlie Day, but I’ve seen better when it comes to Ice Cube, but he did a pretty decent job as well. Finally, was it halfway decent? Yes it was.

RATING – 79/100

3 thoughts on “Review – Fist Fight (2017)

  1. Glad to see a decent comedy! I too think we are pretty low on those in recent years. I was skeptical when I first saw the trailer. Then again, I am also a fan of Charlie Day, so I’ll give it a chance. Great review! 🙂


    1. Yeah, without Charlie Day, I don’t think the movie would’ve done any good, but it has at least a little heart with some good laughs – and I’m sure it’s mostly contributed by our main leads.

      Liked by 1 person

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