Review – Fight Club (1999)


fight-club-52247ea1150cfWelcome to Mind Control Month | Mental Health Week – Day 2. Now, technically speaking, I have reviewed Fight Club in the past, before I really took this thing very seriously. My experience with the film was less than typical for how most folks see the film. I was absolutely confused as to the realism behind the fight club and why anyone would even want to fight each other for fun. Then again, fight clubs do exist and also…this wasn’t your normal fight club. Everyone in the movie has a little something wrong with them…so when you’ve got people that are a little bit crazy, it’s hard to logically question their motives in the first place. Let’s go ahead and talk about the plot.

A nameless first person narrator (Edward Norton) attends support groups in attempt to subdue his emotional state and relieve his insomniac state. When he meets Marla (Helena Bonham Carter), another fake attendee of support groups, his life seems to become a little more bearable. However when he associates himself with Tyler (Brad Pitt) he is dragged into an underground fight club and soap making scheme. Together the two men spiral out of control and engage in competitive rivalry for love and power. When the narrator is exposed to the hidden agenda of Tyler’s fight club, he must accept the awful truth that Tyler may not be who he says he is. (IMDb)

Alright, so I can tell you something right off the bat, I definitely appreciated the movie about ten times more when viewing it for the second time – for a variety of reasons. Cinematically, there’s a lot about this film on technical standards to consider it, at least partially, a masterpiece. The characters, visuals, set pieces, camera work, even music and especially the dialogue set this film apart from any other like it. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the somewhat overdone concept, you’ll still have a hard time forgetting it because of how well it’s ultimately made. All-in-all, I do consider this movie to be pretty special, which is great.

All of that, of course, is just my first impressions on everything. What happens, however, when we break down Fight Club to interpret the stars? Let’s get into that.


Acting – 2|Characters – 1|Casting – 2|Importance – 2|Chemistry – 2

First up, we have the people category, starting off with the subcategory of acting, and thankfully, the acting was noticeably great. That’ll undoubtedly happen when every person in the film is seemingly messed up. The characters were fine, but I won’t be remembering all of them forever. You’ll remember Pitt, Norton, and Carter…but nobody else. I am convinced that nobody else can play these characters. They are perfect for these roles. Absolutely every character in this film seemingly had an important role adding to the direction of the plot. They had a reason, they had a purpose, they had a history, and I love it. Everyone in this film really worked well together. Their chemistry was off the charts.

Dialogue – 2|Balance – 1|Story – 1|Originality – 2|Interesting – 2

Next up, we have the writing category, starting off with the dialogue, which was actually really well thought out. There’s a lot of memorable lines, and just the way people speak is hard to forget. Now, this film isn’t as well-balanced as it could’ve easily been. It loses its own focus here and there, making the film feel a little bit longer than it should normally feel. Is it about a fight club, a terrorist plan, a romantic relationship? When it comes to the actual story, I can’t really say it’s the best. It’s got a few things here and there that I think a lot of people will enjoy, but it’s certainly not the greatest story ever told. In my opinion, I also think this film feels fresh and pretty darn original. Was this movie interesting? Of course it was, don’t be silly. I was all-in for this one.

BTS SCORE – 10/10
Visuals – 2|Directing – 2|Editing – 2|Advertisement – 2|Music – 2

Next up, we’re taking a look behind-the-scenes, starting with the visuals, and the visuals were pretty darn great here. It was gritty and bloody when it needed to be, and it made some pretty interesting choice with the graphics, as well. Somebody knew what they were doing. The director actually did a really good job here. Completely based off of what they did, the movie looks and feels great and authentic on a different level. Well done! The editing was pretty darn impressive in this film. I’m always impressed when something surprising shows up thanks to the editor, and that is what you get here. As with most films, I consider this film to be exactly as-advertised, which is good. This doesn’t happen often, but I’m awfully glad when it does. The music in this film is pretty fantastic. So good, in fact, that I really wouldn’t mind listening to a soundtrack of the film just to hear them again. Yep, yep, yep!

Introduction – 2|Inciting Incident – 2|Obstacles – 2|Climax – 2|Falling Action – 0

Next up, we’re chugging right along into the narrative arc category, which is one of the easiest categories to score highly in. First up, we’re looking at the introduction, which did perfectly. By the inciting incident, we knew who everyone was, the basic setting, and what’s going on in these people’s lives. How about the inciting incident? That was perfectly clear and set the rest of the film up for a good ride. How were the obstacles? Totally fine. There were plenty of clear obstacles in the way, just as you’d come to expect. How was the climax? The climax was perfect. It felt like a perfect culmination of everything else put together, just as it should. Finally, what about the falling action? Truthfully, the movie really just ended right there. There was no real calming down moment, nor a return to the new norm, so…take that as you will.

Rewatchability – 2|Fun – 1|Impulse/Buy – 1|Impulse/Talk – 1|Sucks you in – 1

Next up, we’re asking if this film is any good to be considered entertaining when all is said and done. First up, we ask if it is rewatchable, to which I say…yes! I would have no issues checking out this movie again! Did I have fun while watching it, at least? To a degree, yeah, but that really just had to come down to a few scenes here and there, not the entire film. Would I like to buy this movie? Well, maybe…if it was either on sale for cheaper or if I just bought the digital copy. What about talking to somebody about the film that hasn’t heard of it? Maybe, I’m not sure. I might have a normal discussion about it, but I won’t be losing my mind to tell them about it, either. Does this suck you in, though? Maybe in certain parts, but definitely not throughout.

Mind Control – 10|Mental Health – 5|Drama – 5|Thriller – 10|Halfway Decent – 10

We now move onto the special five questions that I asked before watching the film again. First of all, it is mind control month, so does this fit in that concept? Yeah, in a way. The main character is doing things he doesn’t want to do. It’s different, sure, but all the same. What about mental health? Well, maybe in a way, but that’s not really what the movie is about, nor does it ever try to be, only half points there. Next up, how is the drama? This is a very strange movie, and as dramatic as it can be sometimes, it doesn’t feel like a drama, so only half points there as well. How about the thriller aspect? Oh yeah, thrilling all the way. Finally, is it halfway decent? I don’t think you need my answer to that. Just look all over the internet, it’s certainly halfway decent.

TOTAL – 81/100

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