Review – The Beyond (2018)

2 thoughts on “Review – The Beyond (2018)

  1. I think you are discounting the merit of this film by not giving due to “good story”. One can forgive the technical and editorial defects (on which you largely based your review), in a motion picture that has story depth and meaning (much harder to get right). The Beyond is such a story. The Beyond explores human values and choices through change and the unknown, viewed through the premise of “first contact”. Told with an unassuming realism, The Beyond is really a simple, yet deeply meaningful story that asks the big questions—and leaves it for us to answer them: Are we a species worth saving?

    For centuries we have selfishly and disrespectfully used, discarded and destroyed just about everything on this beautiful planet. According to the World Wildlife Federation, 10,000 species go extinct every year. That’s mostly on us. In response to mass murders of children in schools, the U.S. government does nothing to curb gun-related violence by simply outlawing weapons of mass destruction to untrained people; instead they suggest arming teachers. The garbage we thoughtlessly discard pollutes our oceans with plastic and junk, hurting sea creatures in unimaginable ways. We do not live lightly on this planet. We tread with incredibly heavy feet. We behave like bullies and, as The Beyond points out, our self-serving greedy ways make us far too prone to fear and aggression: something we need to work on if we are going to survive.

    The Beyond engaged me because it delved deeply into existential questions with an emotional intelligence that was both sensitive and insightful. As Gillian Laroux says in the end: “I hope we won’t make the same mistakes of the past and prove that we are worth saving.” Ultimately, I found The Beyond a refreshing change from the senseless soul-gutting violence, and sordid aimless plots populating most current science fiction TV and movies.


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