Review – The Commuter (2018)


the-commuter-5a1e9c9c39e52If there’s one thing certain in this world, it would be that Liam Neeson is a prolific, but somewhat type-casted actor. Nine times out of ten, you can see him performing crazy stunts in a heavily action-oriented flick, and you know what? He really is good at performing in that type of role. So, when I first saw the trailer for The Commuter, I wanted to see it, even if it did look eerily similar to a number of other films he’s recently made. What’s worth noting is that it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it was close enough.

In this film, Liam Neeson’s character is approached by a mysterious woman with an offer he can’t refuse. After recently being fired from a job, he was in desperate need of cash, and quick – which is exactly what this woman offered him. $100k to find a passenger on the train that doesn’t exist. The cash is his if he finds that passenger. The only thing is…he also has to live with not knowing what’ll happen to that passenger once found.

You immediately think that this film will be action-oriented. Maybe that’s because of Liam Neeson’s participation, maybe it’s because of some of the advertising, I’m not sure. The only thing I’m sure of is that it’s not exactly packed with action. Instead, the action sequences in the film are deliciously amazingly directed and choreographed, but a majority of the movie was more mystery-based, which isn’t even an official genre on IMDb for this film. Clearly, the film was marketed for fans of Taken and the like, which isn’t a terrible thing, but it’s not perfect advertising either. But, because the action is so good, I will at least say it’s close enough.

I can’t really say the depth of the story is really that deep. Even without 100% action, the story still feels like an action film throughout, which means it falls a little flat on how important everything ends up. It’s a heck of a lot of fun to watch, but it’s far from perfect. The acting is fine, not perfect, the characters aren’t really all that memorable, instead you will see this as another Liam Neeson action film, the casting is fine, but anyone could’ve played them, no one really adds that much important to the direction of the film even though they all had ample ability to, and chemistry really wasn’t that important in the end.

All in all, as far as Liam Neeson goes, it’s not really his greatest work, nor is it going to make a lasting impression. You need more than what the film ultimately hands over. It’s a fine movie. It’s a fun movie, it’s just not a great movie. I would say that The Commuter works really well as a Rental, as I believe you will have a good entertaining time with it, but I don’t think you’ll really care to own it or watch it multiple times. That’s just my opinion.


Title Commuter, The
Year 2018
Total Score 70
Watched 07-Apr-2018
Acting 1
Characters 1
Casting 1
Importance 1
Chemistry 1
Dialogue 1
Balance 2
Story 1
Originality 1
Interesting 2
Visuals 1
Directing 2
Editing 2
Advertisement 1
Music/Sound 1
Introduction 2
Inciting Incident 2
Obstacles 2
Climax 2
Falling Action 2
Rewatchable 2
Fun 2
Sucks You In 2
Specialty 1: Genres – Action
Specialty 1 Note:
Specialty 1 Rating 10
Specialty 2: Genres – Drama
Specialty 2 Note:
Specialty 2 Rating 5
Specialty 3: Concept – Actor Specific
Specialty 3 Note: Liam Neeson
Specialty 3 Rating 5
Specialty 4: Genres – Thriller
Specialty 4 Note:
Specialty 4 Rating 5
Halfway Decent 10
Genre Action, Drama
Possible Awards
Total Score 70
Review # 1438

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