Review – Fifty Shades Freed (2018)


fifty-shades-freed-59be986fae31aIt’s time for the third installment of Fifty Shades of Filth. Why do I keep watching these things again? Oh yeah, because they keep being made and I continue with my obligation to review them. Thankfully, this is the last one, though…or we hope so at the least. I wish I could tell you that Fifty Shades Freed is the best movie, or even a movie that made the rest of the series seem a little better in the end, but that’s really not the case. What we have here is just more of the same.

This time around, Anastasia and Christian are now married, which should result in the perfect life, that is, until the past starts coming back to bite them in the badonkadonk. So after this, we basically get a re-hashed version of Fifty Shades Darker. 

The first thing that comes to mind while watching this movie is this – man, all of this is really getting rather old. Nothing about the movie felt fresh or new and it just felt like I already saw the movie when I haven’t. The movie works like a musical. Instead of randomly bursting into song, these people just randomly burst into sex. Everything excites these characters in the most awkward and strangely timed scenarios – it really doesn’t make any sense, and as a viewer, I only find myself insulted. I want to see a story unfold, not another excuse for characters to fall hopelessly into lust again.

So, once again we fall flat in a good number of categories for my rating scale. The people score did do significantly better (6/10) mostly because at this point, the cast is good – it’s the third movie. If they recast people, it would be worse than it already is, so that’s okay, but it still has bland characters with bland acting, no one really holds that much importance to the story and I still maintain that these characters don’t really have the best chemistry…they never really have.

The writing score is the same as it’s predecessor (4/10), which just tells me that the writers can really only do so much with the story. At this point, it’s completely unoriginal, as they all feel like the same dang thing, and the rest of this category (dialogue, balance, story, and interesting) all get half points for again, being far too bland.

The BTS score also mimicks the predecessor (6/10) for mostly being bland in all the categories other than advertising, which of course, was advertised. Visuals weren’t anything spectacular, directing wasn’t a challenge, nor was editing, and the music and sound were a joke. Music by Danny Elfman? Please. Elfman just turned on pop radio and randomly put songs in throughout the film.

The narrative arc score was the easiest to get right, but they kind of failed (7/10). There was clearly an inciting incident, but because it preferred to focus more on shenanigans, you kind of miss out on what it is in the first place. The real plot of the film is so glossed over that you end up feeling like the movie is about nothing. The same goes for the obstacles, of course they were there, but again…the priorities were in shenanigans and not in true plot. As for the falling action, it calmed down but didn’t really come to a new sense of norm.

The entertainment score received a glaring zero out of ten possible stars.

As for specialty questions? I wanted to know how it fit in as part of a franchise, and it does fit in rather well for that. As a sequel though? Not so much. There was never any real need for this movie to be made, and it never really adds anything new, either. As far as the romance genre goes, I will give it half points for technically having romantic qualities there, but I still see too much controlling and lust here rather than actual love. I also wanted to know if there is anything about the movie that feels final, as this is the last film. Is there closure? Sort of, not really. I can’t get into the details here, as that will spoil you, but there is something that can be considered final, but other than that…I still think they could make 70 more movies like this, because in the end, who cares? I will say that they made the movie they intended to make from the get-go, so it is halfway decent on that front.

Total Score – 53/100

Title Fifty Shades Freed
Year 2018
Total Score 53
Watched 08-Apr-2018
Acting 1
Characters 1
Casting 2
Importance 1
Chemistry 1
Dialogue 1
Balance 1
Story 1
Interesting 1
Visuals 1
Directing 1
Editing 1
Advertisement 2
Music/Sound 1
Introduction 2
Inciting Incident 1
Obstacles 1
Climax 2
Falling Action 1
Sucks You In
Specialty 1: Series – Franchise
Specialty 1 Note:
Specialty 1 Rating 10
Specialty 2: Series – Sequel
Specialty 2 Note:
Specialty 2 Rating
Specialty 3: Genres – Romance
Specialty 3 Note:
Specialty 3 Rating 5
Specialty 4: Concept – Title Specific
Specialty 4 Note: Finality
Specialty 4 Rating 5
Halfway Decent 10
Genre Drama, Romance, Thriller
Possible Awards Sequel
Franchise Fifty Shades of Grey
Total Score 53
Review # 1440

2 thoughts on “Review – Fifty Shades Freed (2018)

  1. Ugh….i think this one was the worst of the films. It literally doesn’t go anywhere and the “big” dilemma during the third act was bland and generic. Plus, add in the bad acting and bad dialogue. Good review by the way.


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