Review – Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

avengers-infinity-war---part-i-5ad79cbb423d5.jpgMan, I wish I spoke in expletives, because if ever there was a movie that deserved it…it would be Avengers: Infinity War – in a good way. 

avengers-infinity-war---part-i-5adeb5d1e650fA lot of people will have a lot of different opinions about Infinity War, but if there was one main truth, it would be that the film is terribly difficult to even begin talking about without spoiling one major thing or another, and that’s not what I want to do. I can’t talk about the plot or even some of the basic things I normally talk about in these reviews due to the same problem. So, here’s what I will do – because I can’t talk in-depth about the film, I’ll split up the good from the bad and hopefully that won’t challenge the way you see the film. I will start with the bad so that we end on a good note.


The biggest thing I have to mention here is what I dreaded all along…that things are just stretched a little too thin. Its greatest benefit is also its greatest downfall, and that’s unfortunate. It had both issues in terms of balance – too many characters and too many locations – so when I say they are stretched thin, I mean there are some characters that you consistently don’t see for a good length of time, and that starts to feel a little silly.

Also, even if you love the movie to death, you can’t show somebody the movie that is unsure about the MCU – if they start here, they will have absolutely no idea what’s going on. I only missed one movie in the entire universe (Black Panther, will see it in the coming weeks when it comes to digital, promise) and when it came to Wakanda, I was honestly a little lost just at that point. Side note…I got huge Phantom Menace Gungan war vibes from Wakanda.

Another thing, the trailers sort of lie to you…not to a massive degree, but watch any of the trailers, they almost all end in the same sequence – where everybody is running at the screen in the forest, all of the Avengers assembled and everything – that sequence doesn’t happen because all of the Avengers are never in the same place at the same time. Heck, even some Avengers in that sequence aren’t actually in the movie at all. It’s slightly false advertising, but I’ll give it to them because the spirit itself was still there nonetheless.


We all want to end on a good note, so here’s one: the movie is insane – in a very, very good way. Even though it is stretched thin, the writers did a wonderful job making these characters all have purpose and depth – it gave them a reason for being there, not just because they are from all these movies, but because they all have things going on in their lives that contributes to who they are as people and where they are going from here.

It also may not be the highest rated movie on my list for the universe, that mostly has to due with the balance of everything, I will say this – it’s unforgettable. There’s something to be said about the film beyond where the scoring is involved. Honestly, they did it again. They changed the way we see and make movies – you can tell that they fought – hard – to make it as balanced as humanly possible. It could’ve been far worse, but we had great directors behind the wheel and thankfully never lost control of the massive vehicle.

Another great thing: people have been complaining about Marvel’s lack of great villains to the degree of saying some of the Netflix Marvel shows had better villains than the films ever did. Well, here you go, folks…have fun complaining about Thanos because the dude is a great character and an even better villain.

Finally, if I’m honest with myself, it’s been a good long while since I felt that urge to want to see the next installment now from the series. This entire universe has gotten a sort of…business as usual vibe going on. It’s almost a joke to really get a lot of anticipation for these things because there’s at least a new film every year – but I have that urge again. I’m charged up and ready to see where they take this thing, because I have no idea what they’ll do. My heart nearly stopped while watching Infinity War, I’m cautious about watching the next installment, but I can’t say no. GIVE ME MORE AVENGERS!

RATING: 93/100

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