Review – Train to Busan (2016)

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train-to-busan-583ed385ca38bThere are two things I’ve said multiple times on this blog in the past.

  1. I am a big fan of zombie films, regardless of the fact that they are a dime a dozen this day and age and often fail to follow a completely original path.
  2. I’m not really a big fan of foreign films because I believe I’m missing things on the screen while I’m essentially”reading” the movie. Some action-oriented movies like martial arts flicks are exceptions, as the actual dialogue is limited and focus can return once more to the main screen.

So, when you have something that mixes both things into one, like found in Train to Busan, you have conflicting emotions. Especially because this is a movie that is highly revered as one of the better zombie films in recent history. So what’s it ultimately about?

Sok-woo, a father with not much time for his daughter, Soo-ahn, are boarding the KTX, a fast train that shall bring them from Seoul to Busan. But during their journey, the apocalypse begins, and most of the earth’s population become flesh craving zombies. While the KTX is shooting towards Busan, the passenger’s fight for their families and lives against the zombies – and each other.


I’ll be the first to admit that this movie sucked me in almost immediately. While it had a little bit of a slower start, the pace quickly picked up and I was all in. It’s a rarity, but I was even verbally involved in the movie. Shouting equal cries of horror and pride as the roller coaster of emotions took me for a ride.

None of this would really be possible without a well-oiled machine, also known as filmmaking. The ins and outs of this movie were dealt with extremely well and it really does stand out among the best of the best in undead cinema, as it is gripping, chilling, exciting, claustrophobic, and all-around visually appealing.

Another main thing to state here is that the movie overall surprised me. I know it’s highly revered and is being made into an American movie as well, but there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for zombie films to stand out, and this really does, mostly due to the hard work everyone put out there.


Thankfully, there isn’t anything too serious for negative commentary. The whole subtitle thing ended up being more of a distraction than I was really prepared for, but that comes with the territory. The real issues really just comes down to technical errors. It does follow a basic and traditional zombie plot (try to escape and make your way to the unaffected zone). This makes for something unoriginal, technically speaking.

TOTAL SCORE – 90/100

Total scorecard:

Title Train to Busan
Year 2016
Total Score 90
Watched 05-Aug-2018
Acting 2
Characters 2
Casting 1
Importance 2
Chemistry 2
Dialogue 1
Balance 2
Story 2
Originality 1
Interesting 2
Visuals 2
Directing 2
Editing 2
Advertisement 2
Music/Sound 2
Introduction 2
Inciting Incident 2
Obstacles 2
Climax 2
Falling Action 2
Rewatchable 2
Fun 2
Impulse/Buy 1
Impulse/Talk 1
Sucks You In 2
Specialty 1: Genres – Action
Specialty 1 Note:
Specialty 1 Rating 10
Specialty 2: Concept – Concept
Specialty 2 Note:
Specialty 2 Rating 10
Specialty 3: Genres – Thriller
Specialty 3 Note:
Specialty 3 Rating 10
Specialty 4: Genres – Horror
Specialty 4 Note:
Specialty 4 Rating 5
Halfway Decent 10
Genre Action, Horror, Thriller
Possible Awards Visuals, Suprising
Total Score 90
Review # 1504

3 thoughts on “Review – Train to Busan (2016)

  1. I had watched and wrote a double movie review consisting this movie on my blog. You are right it is one of the better movies based on zombies out there. And you are right about missing a lot of the important details while we read in the movies. But from my experience from watching a lot of foreign films, this movie wasn’t that troubling from the subtitle point of view because the major parts of it had minimum dialogue more action. But anyway really good review!


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