Review – Dark Crimes (2018)


true-crimes-5b5edbb48874bA new low. It is always something of a mystery when the year begins, finding out which movie will be at the top of the ratings and which will be at the bottom. But sometimes, you get something with such a low score, you really begin to wonder if there can even be anything worse in the year. Finding Jim Carrey in film isn’t as easy as it used to be, and because I always like to review everything he does, I found it prudent to review Dark Crimes, a movie that was technically screened in 2016, but not released until now – which came to digital recently. Unfortunately, I just found my currently worst-rated 2018 movie (and will probably stay that way by the looks of it.)

Tadek, a police officer who finds similarities between the assassination of a policeman and a crime narrated in a book by the writer, Krystov Kozlow. When Tadek begins to track down Kozlow and his girlfriend, a mysterious underground sex club worker, his obsession will grow and descend to the underworld of sex, lies and corruption to find the terrible truth.



Jim Carrey. Honestly, that’s really it – and even then, that’s grasping at straws. You can certainly tell that Carrey is trying is hardest to sell his performance as this mopey ex-cop, and it’s always nice to see Carrey try to act in a darker role as well as challenge himself to work even harder to play a character unlike anything he’s ever done before. All of that is certainly helpful, but in reality…well…there’s not much more to say here. Let’s move to the negatives.


As much as we like Jim Carrey challenging himself to go further in his acting career and do something new, this role just didn’t fit him very well, and I’ll try hard to explain why. Jim is somebody with a lot of charisma that often picks roles that only he and his legendary charisma can tackle. Whether you’re talking about his goofy days in Liar, Liar, Bruce Almighty, and Ace Ventura or something more emotional or dark, like in The Majestic, The Number 23, or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – there is always a common denominator – Jim is Jim, we just see different sides of him, but we always know this is the Jim we love. In Dark Crimes, this simply isn’t Jim Carrey. It’s some foreign and bland brooding detective that literally anybody in the Actor’s Guild could play. There’s nothing special about the character or story that really demands an actor like Carrey. It’s a basic detective story that feels unoriginal and quite honestly, heavily boring from the get-go. I kept waiting for something to actually happen that would change the direction of the movie, but it never happened. It’s a dark noire without the narration.


I’m the biggest fan of Jim Carrey. Even saying that, I watched this movie out of mere obligation from being a fan. The lack of marketing for this movie, and the difficulty they had with actually getting a distributor should clue you in on how many people probably wanted nothing to do with the movie, and sadly, it’s understandable to why. Overall, there really is nothing special about the movie. It’s one of the worst Jim Carrey movies I’ve ever seen and so far, the worst movie of 2018. Move along, fellow Carrey fans. This one is not for you.


Total Scorecard:

Title Dark Crimes
Year 2018
Total Score 29
Watched 08-Aug-2018
Acting 1
Casting 1
Importance 1
Chemistry 1
Dialogue 1
Balance 2
Interesting 1
Visuals 1
Directing 1
Editing 1
Advertisement 1
Music/Sound 1
Introduction 2
Inciting Incident 1
Obstacles 2
Climax 1
Falling Action
Sucks You In
Specialty 1: Concept – Actor Specific
Specialty 1 Note: Jim Carrey
Specialty 1 Rating
Specialty 2: Genres – Drama
Specialty 2 Note:
Specialty 2 Rating 5
Specialty 3: Genres – Mystery
Specialty 3 Note:
Specialty 3 Rating 5
Specialty 4: Genres – Thriller
Specialty 4 Note:
Specialty 4 Rating
Halfway Decent
Genre Action, Drama, Thriller
Possible Awards Disappointing, Adaptation
Total Score 29
Review # 1509

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