Review – Naked (2017)

Time Loop Review #02


Type of Time Loop: 1 Hour

Forewarning, I’ve already reviewed this movie, but even though I had my updated scoring method when I reviewed it the first time around, the rules for the subcategories has changed some, and with those changes, the score of the film also changed (and went up about five points).

The next film on my time loop blogathon reviewing extravaganza event is the Netflix hit, Naked. In the scheme of things, this isn’t the movie you think of when you think of time loop movies, even though it is one of the most recent films covering the concept. That’s basically because I’m going to be watching these movies from generally least popular to most. That doesn’t necessarily mean my scores will align with the general public, but there you have it. I could easily tell you the Top 5 time loop movies that come to my mind, but…we will keep that secret to ourselves for now. Just know it’s not Naked.

The first thing you should know about this movie is that it is a remake of a 2000 Swedish comedy with, basically, the same title (Naken). My initial plan was to check this movie out first, but I couldn’t find a good copy of the film. This is one of the few I’m sure will be impossible to track down. That being said, that may have been a godsend, because the previews to the movie not only look atrocious, but the film’s overall consensus is that it is hot garbage, so we will chalk it up to good fortune that I couldn’t watch the original film. So let’s go ahead and find out what the plot is for Naked.

Nervous about finally getting married, a guy is forced to relive the same nerve-wracking hours over and over again until he gets things right on his wedding day. – IMDb

PEOPLE – 11/20 (55%)

Acting – 2/4 | Characters – 2/4 | Casting – 2/4 | Importance – 2/4 | Chemistry – 3/4

This category contains most of the differences from my original score (70%). Not very surprising, given how much I’ve changed my scoring for this category alone, making it more technical and important in the long run. I’ve noticed a great blandness as far as the people are concerned. While nothing is technically horrible in any way, nothing is really that impressive, either. Wayans’ character is somewhat memorable because of his nakedness gimmick, but that’s not enough to truly remember the character, because is it really that shocking for this specific actor to play a role naked? Not really, so you don’t connect this so much to a character as you do an actor. The acting range is pretty stagnant throughout; the characters aren’t very memorable; the casting is fine, but literally anybody could play in the roles…

Now, here’s the main difference from my original review: I originally thought everybody in the movie played an important role in the direction of the plot… not so. These characters all have interactions with the main character, but that’s not really importance. It isn’t even that important from an intrinsic aspect to help further his quest. They are basically there for comedic relief. That’s it. Apart from that, the chemistry was okay, but partially being a romance, it could’ve been a lot better.

WRITING – 7/10 (70%)

Dialogue – 1/2 | Balance – 2/2 | Story Depth – 1/2 | Originality – 1/2 | Interesting – 2/2

There is a few main elements that actually separate this film from Groundhog Day, and one major difference is the balance. From Point A, our protagonist is always trying to find a way to arrive at Point B. It is a specific character goal, which isn’t actually apparent in the aforementioned film, so that is actually really cool, and as a time loop film, it manages to keep my interest peaked. That being said, for a comedy film, the dialogue really wasn’t memorable, impressive, or even important to the plot…which is often an important factor for any comedy, so to see that missing here is rather disappointing. While the bones of a meaningful story is certainly present, there isn’t much focus to it, so that’s why that gets half points. Originality-wise, it is obviously a time loop movie, but cutting it to just one hour instead of an entire day keeps the flow of the film intense enough to keep us watching, and hopefully, laughing. So, in a way, it made the overdone theme feel slightly fresh.

BTS – 7/10 (70%)

Visuals – 1/2 | Cinematography – 1/2 | Editing – 2/2 | Advertising – 2/2 | Music/Sound – 1/2

For the most part, behind-the-scenes was pretty typical here. The only thing worth mentioning comes down to the moment each time our protagonist finds the clock resetting. Typically, the reset is simply the same day resetting, but we never see the transition. Because this happens each hour, we are able to see how he goes from a standing up position to laying down once more in the elevator, and a lot of the times, this transition is wonderfully done, even if you notice it subtly. There are other moments where the editing was done well, but that is the main moment. Everything else is as-expected for a basic modern comedy. Typical visuals, cinematography, music and sound, and it was as advertised.

NARRATIVE ARC – 10/10 (100%)

Introduction – 2/2 | Inciting Incident – 2/2 | Obstacles – 2/2 | Climax – 2/2 | Resolution – 2/2

Nothing much to report here. There is actually a pretty decent and solid narrative arc that the characters follow including an introduction that gets you acquainted with our main players as well as the generic mood for what the film is going for; a clear inciting incident that is hard to miss, as well as a crossing of the threshold moment; the obstacles exist because our hero is trying to get somewhere specific and can’t, no matter how hard he seems to try, and while the climax and resolution are there, I won’t delve into them in order to avoid any spoilers. This was a good narrative structure that all stories should attempt to nail.

ENTERTAINMENT – 3/10 (30%)

Rewatchability – 1/2 | Fun Experience – 2/2 | Impulse to Buy – 0/2 | Impulse to Talk – 0/2 | Sucks You In – 0/2

As I’m trying to follow a path of least popular to most-popular (based on average ratings on Letterboxd), it isn’t exactly surprising to see our entertainment score rather low. I did rewatch this, but if I had the choice to apart from my website, I may not have ever watched it again, so that explains the half points there. As for having a good time while watching? Sure. Why not? The comedy may not always work, but I do like the concept, and was mostly enjoying myself while watching the movie. That being said, there is no impulse to buy it, own it, or talk about it, nor is this really a movie you have to keep paying attention to. You can blink, you can take bathroom breaks, etc.

SPECIALTY – 30/40 (75%)

Comedy – 5/10 | Time Loop – 5/10 | Marlon Wayans – 10/10 | Halfway Decent – 10/10

As far as the special category went, there were a few things I wanted to know. First of all, as a comedy, does it pull of what it tries to pull off. Honestly, I did laugh at a few parts – emphasis on the few. Some jokes worked while others fell rather flat, so that got half-points. As a time loop film, it did feel as though it changed things up enough, but at the same time, it isn’t exactly a quicky-referenced movie in the subgenre, either. It’s middle ground, so half-points again. As a Marlon Wayans film, that’s hard to distinguish, since I often hate a lot of what he does, and I don’t hate this, so I will give it full points. Halfway decent? Yes, they made the movie that they sought to make from the get-go. Full points there.

Total Score – 68%

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