Review – Making Babies (2019)

As a father of two, I can appreciate the acquired humor that can be found when it comes to conceiving children, and it really doesn’t matter if the conception is a mistake, like in Knocked Up or The Switch, or theoretically, if the couple is attempting to conceive, but for whatever reason, can’t, like in Making Babies. However, just like anything else, it truly depends on how they do it. The question ultimately boils down to can they make it unique and original? What are they doing to make it their own? and of course, how will people remember this movie? If the movie can answer these questions, then it stands a fighting chance at being memorable. Does Making Babies do what it needs to do to stand out against the rest? Ultimately…no.

“Katie and John Kelly (Eliza Coupe and Steve Howey) are ready to settle down and have kids but five years later, all they have to show for their efforts is a mountain of negative pregnancy tests and an increasingly elaborate home micro-brewing rig, which John hopes will launch his company.  As they run out of traditional options and their window closing, the couple explores the daunting world of medical, spiritual, and homeopathic methods to conceive a child…”

Huber Bros. Productions

What we have here is something truly unfortunate, and that’s a major lack in story development. While it has some promise in its sense of humor and comedic timing, I believe most audience members will not be able to connect with the main players on any real level, even if they themselves have gone through a similar situation with fertility. That’s because we have some substantially flat two-dimensional characters that show neither depth nor growth. They are who they are from beginning to end. The comedy genre doesn’t give them an out when it comes to doing things right. There are things that people connect with subconsciously, and I didn’t really notice any of these things.

Honestly, the only real reason that I watched this movie is because I’m actually a big fan of both leads here, Steve Howey and Eliza Coupe. They work together pretty well, even if their characters are nothing special, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them work together on another film, as they aren’t the problem. Their characters and the way they are written are. I wouldn’t have even watched the movie if the two leads were unknowns. That’s my subconscious telling me it already knew that the characters, at the very least, were going to be rather bland.

That being said, the concept and the subject matter isn’t a bad idea, but it needed to be executed properly, and it just wasn’t. I wanted to turn the movie off way more often than I wanted to keep it on, which is where a majority of this film fails. Comedies often have the obligation to be entertaining, regardless on if it does or doesn’t do a lot of technical aspects right. However, for the most part, Making Babies does neither.

At the end of the day, this is a movie that mostly felt like a big waste of time, and it should’ve been avoided at all costs.


Current 2019 Rankings:
In last place out of 44 movies.
Comedy – In last place out of 18 movies.

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