ANNOUNCEMENT: No more written reviews.

To my readers,

Hey, guys! I just wanted to write a quick announcement. You may have noticed a lack of movie reviews lately. There really hasn’t been a lack of them, though. I’ve consistently been posting daily video reviews on my YouTube Channel, Interpreting the Stars. Some days, I even post more than one review. It’s pretty active over there, and I don’t really plan on stopping that any time soon.

So much devotion to YouTube has left me little time to add written reviews here, plus it typically takes me longer to write a review than to record, edit, and upload a review.

I’m not saying no more written reviews again, as one of my joys in life is typing. I can typically think of words easier while typing versus talking, so perhaps I’ll come back very soon, but for now, I’m retiring from this website. I think I have the domain purchased until mid 2020, but if I haven’t decided to come back by then, I probably never will, and the domain will revert back to

But for those of you that have been with me since the beginning, you’re awesome! My archive of reviews will always be here.

For now, go on and head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe to keep hearing my thoughts on film, watch special videos like trailer reactions, narrative analyses and most recently, ranking videos in addition to the normal movie reviews.

I’ll see you there


2 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: No more written reviews.

    1. Appreciate it! Yeah, times are changing. I have over 1,500 reviews on here and I think a majority of the time, people go on that list of new blog posts, see I posted something, and just click “like” without reading. I take a lot of time to write all those posts ya know. Little disheartening for them to be glossed over 90% of the time.

      I know there are actually people that read them…just not a whole lot.

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