The 2nd Annual DEMMY Awards

The 2nd Annual DEMMY Awards


What in the world are “DEMMY Awards?”. Great, I’m glad you asked. DEM is “Dave Examines Movies”, and thanks to a list of categories provided by Half Popped ReviewsI am able to provide you with a brief list of my favorite films of the year. I know, the year isn’t really finished quite yet, but I doubt the rest of the year will provide me with films that would win in these categories.

Best Actor

Best-ActorWell done, Chris Pratt, well done. While I’m sure there are plenty of other choices in terms of phenomenal acting in 2014, you can’t help but agree that Pratt definitely deserved this award solely because he was and is the best up-and-comer in the recent days. His list for 2015 is even more impressive if you ask me. He went from goofy dude on Parks & Recreation to epic hero in a matter of what felt like minutes.

Runner up: Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Ellar Coltrane

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