How I Review

Beginning in 2017, I have created a brand new ratings model. I’ve always rated films on a 1-100 scale, but the way I did it was only really truly understood by me alone. The idea of this brand new rating model comes down to telling my readers what every single star represents.

Out of 100 possible stars!

It means for longer reviews, but more accurate numbers for the rating. The real question is – how does it work?

The concept is simple:

10 categories. Each category has 5 subcategories relating to the original category. Each subcategory can get up to two points each, depending on how good it worked out in the film. FOR EXAMPLE, the first five categories and subcategories are as follows:

  1. People
    1. Good Acting
    2. Good Characters
    3. Good Casting
    4. Good Importance
    5. Good Chemistry
  2. Writing
    1. Good Dialogue
    2. Good Balance
    3. Good Story
    4. Originality
    5. Interesting
  3. Behind-the-Scenes
    1. Visuals
    2. Directing
    3. Editing
    4. Advertisement
    5. Music
  4. Narrative Arc
    1. Introduction
    2. Inciting Incident/Crossing the Threshold
    3. Obstacles
    4. Epiphany/Climax
    5. Falling Action
  5. Overall Entertainment
    1. Rewatchability
    2. Fun
    3. Impulse to buy
    4. Impulse to talk to someone about it
    5. Sucks the audience in

The final five categories change for every film I review – and for the most part, they don’t actually have subcategories. You could either get 0, 5, or 10 points for each category. For these specialty categories, I typically choose the five best categories that fit this movie specifically. For instance, I have Tom Cruise-isms for Tom Cruise films. Expectations, genre tropes, you name it.

All 10 categories add up to 100 points or stars, and you know once and for all that they each represent something, and you know exactly where the movie goes right and goes wrong – point…by…point.

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